Modern Wellness: What it is and Why You Need It Now with Dr. Orie

August 17, 2018




Dr. Orie, Founder of Nourish Modern Wellness, a holistic lifestyle brand providing targeted solutions to help you feel at home in your body again joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Nutrition Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Orie discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about Nourish Modern Wellness?
  2. What is “modern wellness”?
  3. Your formulations are plant-based, why was it important for you to go in this direction?
  4. In addition to skincare and functional foods you also offer The Nourish Journal. What is it?
  5. If someone were to do one thing to upgrade their health today what would you recommend?


Dr. Orie Achonwa, fondly known as Dr. Orie, is the founder of Nourish Modern Wellness - a holistic lifestyle brand that goes beyond skin deep to offer targeted solutions that help people feel at home in their bodies again. As an integrative health practitioner with a chemistry background she created the brand to use the phytochemical properties of plants to bring balance to the skin, body, and mind while also countering the effects of today’s always on, hyper-performance world.

Dr. Orie was recently named one of 99 female founders to watch by Thrive Global and has earned numerous industry and consumer awards and recognitions for her product innovations.




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Optimize Your Hormones, Improve Your Life with Dr. Jennifer Hicks

August 14, 2018




Dr. Jennifer Hicks from The Key Laser Institute in Portland, Oregon joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel to discuss hormonal therapy.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Jennifer Hicks discuss the following:

  1. What is hormonal therapy?
  2. What conditions can Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy treat?
  3. Who are the ideal patients for this procedure?
  4. BHRT has preventative benefits, can you explain these?
  5. Does this treatment have any side effects?


Dr. Jennifer Hicks is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and has been practicing since 2005. Her education and many years of experience have led her to understand the importance of a patient’s overall well-being and to view health from a holistic perspective. She currently serves as the BioTe and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy practitioner at Key Laser Institute.

She is especially passionate about helping her patients feel more confident in their bodies, gain more enjoyment from life, and have more energy!  This passion creates a perfect atmosphere for the synergistic practice of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and aesthetic medicine.  Dr. Hicks is passionate about life-long learning and educating patients about the role hormones play in their overall health.

When she’s away from the office, you can find Dr. Hicks tending to her garden, relaxing with a good book, or exploring the outdoors with her husband and two children.





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Stem Cell Collection, Processing and Delivery for Regenerative Treatments

August 13, 2018




John Arnone the Chairman and CEO at American CryoStem that currently provides a game-changing patented solution for stem cell collection, processing and delivery joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest John Arnone discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about American CryoStem, what do you do?
  2. Tell us about your patented products how do they work?
  3. How is American CryoStem unique compared to others in your industry?
  4. How are stem cells currently used today in regards to personal health?
  5. How will stem cells be used in the future?


John Arnone is the Chairman & CEO of American CryoStem. Mr. Arnone has spent the last eight years as the Chairman of American CryoStem and CEO since 2011.

Prior to his involvement in the life sciences / biotechnology industries he spent 25 years in the investment banking / financial services industry as an investment banker, and a hands-on investor. Over the period holding 6 NASD licenses, Mr. Arnone founded, managed and operated two general securities broker-dealers based in New York City specializing in strategic and financial planning, capital formation and new business development.

Over the years Mr. Arnone has provided advisory and business management services as a founder, officer, director and/or shareholder to both mid-level and development stage private and public companies. Mr. Arnone also co-founded and operated a global entertainment distribution corporation with 120 employees that under Mr. Arnone’s guidance was voted medium wholesaler of the year in the music industry (1997, 1998 and 2000) by the National Association of Recording Merchants.

Mr. Arnone is also the founder of Personal Cell Sciences Corp., a personalized anti-aging stem cell company. Mr. Arnone holds a degree in Business Administration and a BA. in Economics from Kean University in New Jersey.





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Travel of a Lifetime: Pairing Your Health with Bucket List Getaways

August 11, 2018




Liz Galloway founder of Wild Adventure Retreats and Latitude 38 Travel, wellness-adventure brands that invite you on power packed itineraries joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel. Live with experts for a week in sharing a personal quest to accelerate your life, adventure and goals.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Liz Galloway discuss the following:

  1. You pair travel with health, this is a big trend, what makes you unique and what motivated you to offer this to the public?
  2. Tell us about the roadblocks or common reasons people have reservations about getting fit in the outdoors or their personal health goals seem intimidating?
  3. What compelled you to get into this business? What ways has it transformed you?
  4. What should people look for when working with a wellness expert, or joining a fit-cation for results?
    lerate your life, adventure and goals. on eHealth radio's Health News Channel a part of the eHealth Radio Network
  5. How can listeners join the retreats, get involved for themselves, or sponsor someone else to join?
  6. What advice do you have for people wanting to get into the outdoors or new fitness?


Liz Galloway is an entrepreneurial wellness expert, outdoor ambassador, guide and adventure/travel writer with an educational background in business, hospitality and aviation. She focuses on unique retreat hosting that offers transformational lifestyle design.

An author and speaker, Liz has appeared in various media outlets including, KUTV, KRCL, ABC4 Culture Jock, Utah Business, HER, and PCTV.  When not in the outdoors you can find her working with clients in brand publicity with Bosscat Productions. She is a self appointed adrenaline junkie whose passion is training clients and travelers from across the globe to tap into their personal power and boundary breakthroughs by getting into the outdoors with a balance in full body wellness.


Instagram: @wildadventure.lizgalloway

How Arm Lift Surgery Can Give You the Confidence to go Sleeveless with Dr. Daniel Krochmal

August 7, 2018




Dr. Daniel Krochmal, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at MAE Plastic Surgery in Northbrook and Chicago, Illinois joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss brachioplasty and how this procedure can give you the confidence to go sleeveless. 


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Daniel Krochmal discuss the following:

  1. What is brachioplasty?
  2. Who is the ideal patient for this procedure?
  3. What can patients expect from the recovery process?
  4. Are there complementary procedures that can optimize the results of an arm lift?
  5. What should a patient look for when electing an arm lift surgeon?


Dr. Krochmal received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and his medical degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He did his surgical internship at the University of Michigan, and his general surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic Arizona. He did his plastic surgery training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Hunstad Kortesis Center, one of only a handful of fellowships endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Krochmal is an Initiate for Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons.  He is an active member of both ASPS and ASAPS.  He is committed to research and advancing the field of plastic surgery, has presented at national conferences and authored numerous manuscripts. He is committed to patient safety and serves on the Health Policy Committees for both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

He performs his work along side Dr. Michael A. Epstein at MAE Plastic Surgery in Northbrook, Il, and has had the pleasure of combining his passions for surgery and travel throughout his career.





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The Shift: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything

August 6, 2018




Kimberly White, a freelance writer, a certified Arbinger Institute presenter, and former research assistant to its founder, Terry Warner and author of The Shift: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Senior Care Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Kimberly White discuss the following:

  1. You’ve said this book came as a complete surprise to you. What’s different than you imagined?
  2. What happens when you experience “the shift”?
  3. Does this have limitations, or what doesn’t ‘the shift’ do?
  4. How can seeing people as people help in the workplace, and at home?


Kimberly White is a freelance writer, certified Arbinger Institute presenter, and former research assistant to its founder, Terry Warner. Her nine months of research for The Shift included dozens of hours working alongside nursing home employees in offices, vans, patient rooms, and kitchens. She recently relocated from Harlem to a small farm town in Pawnee, Illinois to focus on writing.





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The status of therapy of heart disease in America

August 1, 2018




Dr. Simon H. Stertzer, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University School of Medicine and Chairman of the Board at BioCardia, a clinical-stage biotech-regenerative medicine company that develops innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease joins eHealth Radio and the Heart Health and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Simon H. Stertzer discuss the following:

  1. You’ve devoted your career to the advancement of cardiovascular intervention. Can you tell listeners a bit more about your background and why you decided to pursue a career in cardiovascular medicine?
  2. How big of a problem is heart disease in the United States, and can you give me the profile of a typical patient with heart disease?
  3. What is a the difference between heart attack, heart failure, and other kinds of heart disease?
  4. How do we treat the different types of heart disease today?
  5. How should we be screened for heart disease as adults?


Simon H. Stertzer, M.D. is Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, at Stanford University School of Medicine, and is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors at BioCardia®, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech-regenerative medicine company that develops innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

In 1964, Simon Stertzer performed the first selective coronary arteriogram in New York City. He pioneered the subspecialty of Interventional Cardiology by performing the first coronary balloon angioplasty in the United States, in 1978. He has performed more than 12,500 cardiac interventions and has worked alongside others to develop new technologies for the improvement of patient care.

Dr. Stertzer has contributed to research and advancement in rotational atherectomy, cardiac stents, drug delivery stents, cardiac transplant molecular diagnostics, and most recently, transendocardial stem cell implantation in ischemic heart failure. His bibliography contains more than 140 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Stertzer co-founded BioCardia in 1999, and was a founder and board member of Arterial Vascular Engineering, an angioplasty balloon and stent company acquired by Medtronic Inc..

Simon Stertzer received his Doctor of Medicine degree from New York University, after a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Union College. He had previously earned a Certificat de Physiologie from University of Paris (Sorbonne).

About BioCardia®, Inc.

BioCardia®, Inc. is helping lead the way to new treatments of heart failure using the direct injection of cells and agents into the heart muscle. BioCardia is a clinical-stage, regenerative biotechnology company that develops novel therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease. The treatment modalities include a system of personalized screenings to determine which patients are most likely to benefit from intramyocardial injection of therapeutic agents.



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How to have THE TALK with Your Aging Parents

August 1, 2018




Lynda Shrager, an occupational therapist, an expert in the field of geriatric rehabilitation, as well as author of Age In Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Senior Care Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Lynda Shrager discuss the following:

  1. What are some of the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to help aging parents stay in their home?
  2. What’s the best strategy for getting Mom and Dad on board with organizing and decluttering?
  3. What are a few modifications that can make a big difference to the safety of seniors in their homes?
  4. What are some red flags that signal a parent’s cognitive abilities are declining, and what should be done?
  5. When is the best time to approach parents about making a plan in case the time comes that they aren’t able to function independently?
  6. An essential aspect  of successful aging in place is having a caregiving team at the ready. How do you build this team?


Lynda Shrager, OTR, MSW, CAPS is the author of Age In Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home (Bull Publishing, March 8, 2018). Her newspaper column, Mom’s RX, appeared in countless newspapers across the country, and she is a featured columnist for Everyday Health, one of the country’s leading online consumer health websites. Lynda has practiced in the medical field of geriatric rehabilitation for more than 37 years, focusing on all aspects of senior health and wellness. She combines her expertise as an occupational therapist, a Master’s level social worker, professional organizer and certified aging in place specialist to pursue her passion of providing therapeutic care in the patient’s home environment and in educating their caregivers. Learn more at





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New technology helps bystanders provide first response to bleeding victims before professional help arrives

July 28, 2018




Dr. Steven Swann, speaking on behalf of North American Rescue sharing the importance of Audio Bleeding Control Kits joins eHealth Radio and the Emergency Care and Health News Channels. As a trauma surgeon with the United States Army, Dr. Swann has experienced firsthand how rapid response to a life threatening bleeding injury can make the difference between life and death.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Steven Swann discuss the following:

  1. What is the Audio Bleeding Control Kit?
  2. If someone has a bleeding emergency, can't we just call 911 and wait for EMS to arrive?
  3. Has there been any call-to-action by Homeland Security and the White House that would empower the general public to respond when they are needed most?
  4. Can you explain exactly how this kit works?
  5. We all know we can't stop living our lives because we fear the possibility of events like an active shooting. What would you tell people to make them more aware?


Dr. Steven Swann is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, a graduate of the National War College, and also holds a Master Degree in National Strategic Studies. Throughout his military medical career, he has been at the forefront of advancing new tools and technology to provide the best care possible for our nations' warriors.  





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A healthy mouth will help you live a healthy life!

July 25, 2018




Dr. Matt Laurich who is a well respected Dentist in Livonia, Michigan & who is known for his commitment to community and ongoing dental health education joins eHealth Radio and the Dental Information Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Matt Laurich discuss the following:

  1. What is Periodontal Disease?
  2. How would you get periodontal disease?
  3. Is there any concern that this infection could affect the rest of health?
  4. How could someone tell if they had periodontal disease?
  5. What steps could be taken to prevent Periodontal Disease?


Tip: Do not neglect your oral health. We use our mouth to communicate, eat, and breath. Take care of it. Listen to professionals on how you can improve and maintain your teeth. Do not take for granted a healthy mouth, it will help you live a healthy life.


ABOUT DR. LAURICH: With my father being a dentist, and my mother a dental hygienist, not only did I learn about the importance of strong oral health from an early age, but I developed a passion for dentistry and how essential it is to a person’s overall health.

To me, dentistry is not just about fixing teeth. It’s about educating. It’s about improving health. And it’s about changing lives. Being able to provide those services to my community brings me immense joy and fulfillment, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Each of my patients is important to me. Forming long-term relationships with them makes Laurich Dentistry feel more like a family than a dental office. Hearing about a person’s family, career, vacations, and life events is the best part of my job. I look forward to these exchanges and how they bring us together. For more on Dr. Laurich click here.





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