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How to boost your immune system through your diet and balance the good bacteria in your gut

How to boost your immune system through your diet and balance the good bacteria in your gut

October 6, 2021




Dr. Glen N. Robison, who is a leading podiatrist and surgeon from Arizona as well as a bestselling author, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, and certified myopractor joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Glen N. Robison discuss the following:

  1. In your book you argue that your immune system is precious. What are some things people can do to naturally guard or boost their immunity?
  2. There are certain foods that have been labeled "immune boosters." What are some of those foods?
  3. What role does the bacteria in our digestive system play in our immune systems?
  4. What are some symptoms people experience when the bacteria in their digestive system is unbalanced?
  5. Can you tell us how detoxing aids your digestive system?

Dr. Glen N. Robison Diplomate of the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry Board Certified in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Robison is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and certified Myopractor, trained in releasing deep restrictions of motion in the body that resides at the root of our symptoms and ailments.

Having applied the principles found in this book for over fifteen years, he has expanded his practice to include dietary approaches that address everything from fungal infections to diabetes. Learn more at





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Optimize Your Gut and Reclaim your Life, Health and Happiness

Optimize Your Gut and Reclaim your Life, Health and Happiness

February 22, 2020




Sarah Spann, Digestion Diva, holistic nutritionist and wellness coach that helps people to get back the freedom, energy and vitality their digestive issues have taken away joins eHealth Radio and the Digestive & Nutrition Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Sarah Spann discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how this passion to help people suffering from digestive disorders came about?
  2. Why are we seeing such an increase in rates of digestive disorders?
  3. Why are there so many different opinions when it comes to diet and how do people know what’s right for them?
  4. What is the gut-brain connection and how does it impact your gut health?
  5. How do you know if stress is affecting your digestion?
  6. If someone is listening and has a digestive issue, where should they start?

Sarah Spann is a clinical nutritionist specializing in digestive disorders and is based in Brisbane, Australia. She is dedicated to changing the paradigm of gut health and works with clients all over the world to help them get back the freedom, energy and vitality that their digestive issues have taken away. Sarah is passionate about helping people to uncover the cause of their digestive problems and nurture themselves back to feeling like the healthiest and most vibrant versions of themselves.

Sarah was drawn to nutritional medicine after a long history of poor gut health including her diagnosis of coeliac disease. With over 10 years of combined personal and clinical experience, Sarah has a deep understanding of the unique and holistic approach required to facilitate long-lasting gut health.

Sarah is a graduate of the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine) and is registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her obsession with learning continues and, along with regularly attending industry conferences and keeping up to date with the latest research, she is in her final year of completion of a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine).





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Candies that are Good for YOU!

Candies that are Good for YOU!

April 11, 2017




Mary Leong, CEO of Mera & Longhi USA who is launching a 100% natural digestive candy for heartburn relief joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Nutrition Channels. Mary combines eastern medicine with natural food blends and concepts that lends itself to a philosophy that we can all live, drink and eat herbal.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Mary Leong discuss the following:

  • What drove you to start a Healthy digestive brand?
  • What is your take on the state of health in America today?
  • Why is our digestive health so important?
  • How do you feel about pharmaceuticals?
  • What is your stance about Sourcing? Sustainability?


Mary Leong is the CEO & founder of Mera & Longhi USA.  A is a die-hard New Yorker often referred to as the herbal ninja, Leong brings her Masters in Food Science from Cornell University and 25 years of experience to help create a healthy way to live for busy people across the country.  She combines her natural lifestyle with an innate knowledge of traditional herbal medicine and modern food science a powerful mix indeed!




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Is the State of Your Gut Making You Look Unhealthy?

Is the State of Your Gut Making You Look Unhealthy?

July 25, 2015

Meredith Yardley, the Managing Director of Enrich Your Energy, which provides Be Your Own Best Friend, a holistic offering to help people get out of their own way in reaching their health and lifestyle goals joins eHealth Radio and the Digestive, Health and Personal Development Channels. Meredith discusses the state of your gut and if it is making you look unhealthy.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Meredith Yardley discuss the following:

  • How does the state of our gut make us look unhealthy?
  • Where does the process of digestion start - where does the 'food journey' begin?
  • What does the small intestine do? 
  • Why is it so important to care for your liver?
  • How can you tell if your liver isn't functioning well?
  • What are the top four things we can do to help our digestive system be more effective and thereby look healthier?

Duration: 14:25

Meredith is a self confessed 'corporate refugee'. She spent 30 years working in the corporate world for large domestic and global organisations. Her postgraduate studies in Communication Management saw her focus her attentions on internal and external communication, media and public relations until the early 2000's when she moved into the change management space. Finding a job where she could help people adapt to, and adopt, the changes imposed in their working lives was enjoyable, however something was missing.

After marrying in 2010, she left the corporate world and took a year off working to recover from feeling burned out. Having always been interested in nutrition, health, exercise and human motivation, it seemed a logical step to move into the health and wellness field, and help others avoid the burnout resulting from their busy lives.

Embarking on studies in nutrition and health, (including Nutrition Adviser certificates from Sanoviv Medical Institute) Meredith decided to combine that with her knowledge and experience of managing change.  The result was the establishment of Enrich Your Energy. Her new program - Be Your Own Best Friend - is a coaching program designed to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals by helping them discover what is holding them back.

Outside her professional role, she has a love of travel, and enjoys photography, crossword puzzles, exploring the natural environment and connecting with people.


Enzyme nutrition and functional digestive nutritional testing with Dr. Paul S. Inselman

Enzyme nutrition and functional digestive nutritional testing with Dr. Paul S. Inselman

September 8, 2013

Dr. Paul S. Inselman, President of the Inselman Institute of Nutrition who for over 27 years has been providing patients from all over the country safe and natural treatment options with the use of enzyme nutrition and functional digestive nutritional testing joins eHealth Radio and the Digestive & Nutrition Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Paul S. Inselman discuss the following:

  • You are considered to be an expert in the field of enzyme nutrition and functional digestive nutritional testing, can you tell our audience what those specialties are all about?
  • What types of patients typically come to see you?
  • What would you say are the biggest challenges that patients face with regard to nutrition?
  • What can a patient expect if they came to see you, what does a functional digestive nutritional test entail?
  • What would you like our listeners to learn from today’s interview?

Duration: 15:37

Paul S. Inselman, D.C. is a 1986 graduate of the New York Chiropractic College. His postgraduate work highlights an emphasis on Enzyme Nutrition and Functional Digestive Nutritional Testing. He has advanced training in enzyme nutrition, X-ray, 24 hour urinalysis, blood chemistries, internal digestive health, physical diagnosis, Functional Digestive Nutritional testing, orthopedics, neurology, and biomechanics of the spine.

In New York, Dr. Inselman practiced Chiropractic and ran one of the largest enzyme/functional digestive nutritional centers in the country for 20 years, until he retired in 2003. He was the Director of Professional Development at The Loomis institute, Inc. As the Director of Professional Development, Dr. Inselman assisted Dr. Howard Loomis, who is considered to be the "Father of Enzyme Nutrition", with teaching chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopaths and other health care professionals how to treat their patients with the use of enzyme nutrition.

Dr. Inselman has been published numerous times in peer review journals and he was the host of the radio show Healthline for six years. He was also on the Channel 12 Panel of Health experts and appeared on numerous television health shows.

In 2009, he came out of retirement and began practicing functional digestive nutritional testing and enzyme nutrition in South Florida. If you are suffering with health problems that nobody can seem to find the answer to, call Dr. Inselman for an appointment today. He only accepts those patients that he truly feels that he can help. If Dr. Inselman feels that he cannot help you, he will tell you, and refer you to where you can get help.

After over 27 years of clinical practice, Dr. Inselman has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer. His extensive knowledge of enzyme nutrition has made him such a sought after practitioner, that patients fly into South Florida from all over the country to be examined by him. He is also a sought after speaker and in early 2014 his book Mind, Body, Soul co-written with John Gray is due to hit bookstore shelves.


Trust Your Gut, Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems without Drugs

Trust Your Gut, Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems without Drugs

August 25, 2013

Dr. Gregory A. Plotnikoff & Dr. Mark B. Weisberg, authors of the book "Trust Your Gut, Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems without Drugs" joins eHealth Radio and the Pain Management & Digestive Information Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Dr. Gregory A. Plotnikoff & Dr. Mark B. Weisberg discuss the following:

  • Tell us what we should know about Probiotics and the the new science revealing the Gut–Brain connection.
  • Explain why our gut is not the enemy.
  • What should our reaction be to symptoms which are messages from our body?
  • What are 2 Powerful NEW tools to assist with Gut healing?
  • What are Foods to avoid and foods that support a healthy gut?

Duration: 11:44

Renowned integrative medicine specialists; Internist Greg Plotnikoff MD and Psychologist, Mark Weisberg PhD have teamed up to offer an effective, natural solution to break the vicious cycle of gut distress, discomfort and pain that affects over 55 million Americans. Their ground-breaking new book TRUST YOUR GUT: Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems Without Drugs (Conari Press, May 2013/ $18.95) offers a comprehensive yet accessible CORE program designed to empower readers to take back their health by listening to the messages that their chronic gut distress is trying to tell them. 

“We don’t want you to fight your gut we want you to trust it. Your symptoms are messages from the body to rely on rather than to ignore or self-medicate,” says Dr. Plotnikoff and Dr. Weisberg. According to the authors, the gut (stomach and intestinal region) is much more than just a digestive tract, it is actually an intestinal brain that responds to changes in the environment and regulates your internal organs, just like our main brain.  “When the main brain and the intestinal brain get their wiring crossed it can produce chronic intestinal problems.”

In TRUST YOUR GUT, Dr. Plotnikoff and Dr. Weisberg, empower readers to utilize a new mind-body approach to rewire the brain-gut neural connection. They teach audiences how to track down their hidden internal and external drivers of gut distress. Their practical and revolutionary CORE (Center, Observe, Restore, Ensure) self-help program provides readers with a set of tools beyond the pharmacy shelves, so anyone with chronic gut distress can break the vicious cycle of symptoms, fear, and pain to reclaim their lives—naturally.

TRUST YOUR GUT features:

  • Two Powerful New Tools for Gut Healing –Neuro-hormonal Retraining and Ecological Rebalancing.
  • A Guide to Observing the Five Causes of Stress that directly Impacts Gut Health.
  • A Food and Symptom Diary for Optimal Self-Assessment. 
  • A Chapter on Sleep so Readers can understand the connection between sleep problems and gut distress.
  • How to Create your Medical Autobiography. 
  • A Step-by-Step guide to “Retrain your Brain” and Rewire the Gut-Brain connection!
  • Hypnosis and Meditation Techniques to Support the Healing Process. 
  • A Chapter Devoted to resolving difficult emotions that directly affect gut health such as anger, shame, grief, anxiety, depression and more. 

Woven throughout the book are compelling real life stories of patients who have recovered using the CORE program to live normal, happy lives free of pain and suffering.

For more information please visit:


Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP, is a board-certified internist and pediatrician. He has received numerous national and international honors for his work in cross-cultural and integrative medicine. He consciously chose to attend divinity school at Harvard before medical school in order to deepen his understanding of suffering and of human responses to suffering. He helped establish the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota where he served as its first medical director. From 2002-2008, Dr. Plotnikoff served as an associate professor at Keio University School of Medicine where he studied, researched and taught the Kampo herbal medicine tradition in Japanese. Dr. Plotnikoff is well known for his work in interventional nutrition, herbal medicines and spirituality in clinical care. He has additional training as a hospital chaplain, in medical acupuncture, in mind-body skills and as a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine

Mark B. Weisberg, PhD, ABPP is a clinical health psychologist. He is a Community Adjunct Professor in the Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota, and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.  For the past 25 years he has specialized in helping patients heal from chronic pain. Dr. Weisberg’s passion is building bridges between traditional and newer integrative ways of understanding illness and healing.  His is devoted to translating and integrating the language of neuroscience, psychodynamics, group/system processes and creation of deep, long-lasting healing and change. Whether treating patients, developing integrative clinics, writing, consulting to businesses or presenting workshops, his goal is to help everyone discover their inherent self-healing capacities to create powerful change on the levels of mind, body, and spirit. Visit him at


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