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Natural Healing: It’s Time to Ditch Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Natural Healing: It’s Time to Ditch Over-the-Counter Painkillers

August 6, 2021




Joanna Matson-Tandberg, Founder of ZV Botanicals that provides Ayurvedic herbs and CBD as a remedy for pain relief joins eHealth Radio and the Pain Management Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Joanna Matson-Tandberg discuss the following:

  1. What brought you to Ayurveda as a healing modality and a career?
  2. Why did you decide to become a Cannabis Clinician and work with cannabis?
  3. What inspired you to launch a CBD company?
  4. Would you do it again?
  5. What is your intention moving forward with ZV Botanicals?

It’s a common scenario. You try your best to relieve chronic pain only to be affected by other side effects. The numbers are alarming at how many people get addicted to pain meds or have other adverse reactions. There is a natural approach that leaves you with the peace of mind that nothing dangerous is entering your body.

Pain sufferers are turning to ZV Botanicals as a source of natural CBD healing and immediate relief with no side effects. CBD salves, for instance, are absorbed in the body quickly and are all-natural. If you are a runner, for instance, you can find comfort in pain relief that supports heart health and your musculoskeletal, helping the regeneration of tissue.

ZV Botanicals blends Ayurvedic herbs and CBD to create a brand that is leading the way in natural healing with organic and wild-harvested ingredients harnessing the goodness of nature to treat the whole body.

For Joanna Matson-Tandberg, founder of ZV Botanicals, nature proved to be healing for herself and her family, so much so that she cultivated a brand dedicated to providing Ayurvedic herbs and CBD as a remedy for pain relief. Her brand helps people live their best lives, naturally.





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The Rising Demand for Preventative Wellness & Innovation

The Rising Demand for Preventative Wellness & Innovation

February 20, 2021




Nancy Duitch, Founder and CEO of Sera Labs, a global leader in the health, wellness, and beauty sectors joins eHealth Radio and the Beauty and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Nancy Duitch discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about your background and what led you to found Sera Labs.
  2. What products do you offer and what sets them apart from other wellness, beauty and CBD products?
  3. As the COVID-19 pandemic surges, is there an increased demand for wellness products? Will this continue in 2021?
  4. Tell me about your relationship with CURE Pharmaceutical. Why did you decide to work with the company?
  5. What noteworthy initiatives do you plan to work together on this year?

Nancy Duitch is the CEO of Sera Labs and Chief Strategy Officer for CURE Pharmaceutical. has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader in the consumer products industry. She has founded and developed several diverse businesses from startup to public company level and has executed state-of-the-art campaigns generating over $3 billion in revenue for some of the most well-loved consumer brands including the Ab Roller, Ab Trainer, Biotopical Skin Care, Bun & Thigh Max, Ab Revolutionizer, Ultimate Lean Routine, My Place The Eyes Have it by Donna Mills, among others. Prior to founding The Sera Labs, Nancy held various executive management and consulting positions with several high-profile companies including Pep Boys, Spa Formula Cosmetics, Kent & Spiegel Marketing, Vertical Branding and VisionWorx. Nancy also co-founded The C.A.R.E Foundation in 1995 to raise awareness about, and help fight, sudden death in children and young. She joined CURE Pharmaceutical in September 2020 when Sera Labs was acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Sera Labs has redefined the sectors of health, wellness, and beauty by creating science-backed, proprietary formulations that use exceptional ingredients, including CBD. Sera Labs’ more than 20 products are sold under the brand names Sera Labs®, Seratopical®, and SeraPets. In just two years, she and her team have built a platform of health, wellness and beauty CBD products and a network of buyers, retailers and more than 140,000 customers and 500,000 customer databases to date. She recently partnered with Nicole Kidman to help guide the strategic direction of her skincare line.

Nancy has been recognized among the “Top 25 Most Innovative People in DRTV,” and was profiled in Response Magazine. She also was recognized for business excellence with the “Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty” award from Drug Store News.





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Michael and Paul Harney discuss The Hemp Division and CBD

Michael and Paul Harney discuss The Hemp Division and CBD

December 26, 2020




Brothers Michael and Paul Harney, Co-Founders of The Hemp Division, a company committed to crafting the highest quality CBD and Hemp products, all From the Roots Up joins eHealth Radio and the CBD and Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guests Michael and Paul Harney discuss the following:

  1. What inspired you to expand Harney & Sons tea with a division dedicated to Hemp and CBD Products?
  2. How has your experience been farming hemp plants from “the roots up” at the Harney & Sons headquarters?
  3. What are the health benefits of CBD?
  4. What separates The Hemp Division from the pack within the CBD industry?

In 2018, brothers Michael and Paul Harney embarked on a mission: create an all-new, extraordinary fusion of fine tea and premium CBD. Fueled by their 30+ years of combined tea experience, they decided to do it from the roots up and worked with hemp farmers to plant 7000 hemp plants on the Harney & Sons headquarters in Millerton, NY forming their new sister company: The Hemp Division.

Every day brings something new to The Hemp Division. From first planting and tending to drying, extracting, packing, and bottling, every moment goes towards creating great results. The Hemp Division now boasts a lively selection of Tea + CBD blends for all occasions, from hot and iced brews to sparkling beverages. For those who prefer to enjoy THD’s high-quality CBD in other ways, there are also tinctures and bath sundries, all richly infused with their own hemp extractions.

The Hemp Division is committed to crafting the highest quality products, all From the Roots Up.

Drink up and find your own path.





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The Future of CBD with Ojai Energetics CEO Will Kleidon

The Future of CBD with Ojai Energetics CEO Will Kleidon

October 3, 2020




Will Kleidon, the Founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics, an ethics-driven health and wellness company based in California that seeks to bring ancient healing products to life by way of modern innovation joins eHealth Radio and the CBD & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Will Kleidon discuss the following:

  1. What is the magic behind CBD and how is it different from other cannabinoids?
  2. Ojai Energetics claims to hold the most patents relating to CBD. Can you elaborate on this catalog?
  3. The Future of CBD - what can we expect when it comes to things like therapeutic treatments, and medical advancements with CBD?
  4. COVID-19 has had a global impact - how does CBD fit into the lives of those who contract COVID-19?
  5. What are some every day steps people can take to implement CBD into their wellness routine?
  6. Explain the difference between internal consumption of CBD and topical usage?




Will Kleidon is an award-winning pioneer and futurist in the hemp and cannabis industry. He is known for cracking the CBD code by creating the cleanest and most effective CBD-rich hemp products on the planet. Will is the founder of Ojai Energetics, a triple bottom line-driven cannabis technology company. Will has collected one of the most interesting executive boards in the world that includes famous athletes, doctors, and well-connected members of the entertainment industry.

Featured in Cheddar, MSNBC, Forbes, Inc, Money, Entrepreneur, The LA Times, and a regular keynote at the Cannabis Forum and Bevnet, Will is a subject matter expert when it comes to the art, science, and technology of the cannabis business, the history of hemp, and what it can mean to our future.


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Instagram: @ojaienergetics

Adult health and wellness for those age 50 and beyond?

Adult health and wellness for those age 50 and beyond?

September 26, 2020




Dr. Jim Collins, President and CEO of Sapphire Essentials that provides high-quality, organically-grown, THC-Free CBD products for adults, seniors and caregivers joins eHealth Radio and the CBD & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Jim Collins discuss the following:

  1. Why did I choose to spend my career focusing on adult health and wellness for those age 50 and beyond?
  2. What are the main ingredients to healthy and independent living beyond 50?
  3. What are the differences between marijuana or cannabis and CBD?
  4. How does CBD work or make a difference in physical or emotional health?
  5. How can adults better cope with the stressors and isolation related to COVID-19?




Dr. Jim Collins is a Gerontologist and nationally-recognized expert in wellness and health care for seniors and older Americans. Based in Ohio, his 30 year career has spanned everything from Geropsychiatry to home health regimens for active seniors. Dr. Collins has a strong focus on education – a prolific author of published articles, he has served as a college instructor and is the founder of Collins Learning, a highly regarded education service that provides training to tens of thousands of senior care health professionals around the country.

Dr Collin’s passion for healthy aging and gerontology started when he was in high school and his father handed him the keys to the car to take his mom back and forth to work at the Assumption Nursing Home. Before and after school, he would stop in and visit with residents and staff and would continue this for decades. He became fascinated by the physical, emotional and neurological challenges faced by older Americans, especially those in senior living. It was here that Dr. Collin’s formed a life-long belief that preventative care and maintaining an active lifestyle were key in senior’s physical and emotional well-being.

Dr. Collins graduated college with the first degree ever in Applied Gerontological Studies, an approved major that he created, and then earned a master’s in sociology and psychology of aging. He also holds a doctoral degree in Health Administration and has received a certificate from the Institute for Life Span Development and Gerontology. Dr. Collins then established a gerontology practice and also began education consulting to what would become hundreds of senior living communities.

Dr. Collins has written countless articles, newsletters, and the first book about person-centered care for seniors entitled “The Person-Centered Way: Revolutionizing Quality of Life in Long Term Care”.

After researching hundreds of medical articles, Dr. Collins became an early strong proponent of the benefits of CBD for aging-related health. Given his vast background in physical, emotional and neuro-degenerative age-related disorders, he has emerged as an expert voice in the CBD space and is currently writing a book about aging and CBD. This passion led Dr. Collins to create Sapphire Essentials, with the mission to provide the highest-quality, all-natural, organically grown medical hemp-based CBD products to older adults and seniors. Sapphire Essentials is proud to be the first and only science-based CBD brand that is specifically formulated for the needs of active seniors.

Educator, speaker, author and now founder of Sapphire Essentials, Dr Collins remains as passionate as ever in his life mission – to provide senior wellness education and help older adults find powerful preventative solutions and maximize their quality of life.


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Restoring Your Strength With Chil Wellness

Restoring Your Strength With Chil Wellness

April 8, 2020




Kevin DeMeritt, Founder of Chil Wellness, a new generation wellness company with the goal to help others joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Kevin DeMeritt discuss the following:

  1. Why did you create Chil Wellness?
  2. Tell us more about the product you named after your daughter – Aspen’s Deep Relief Salve.
  3. How do you know if CBD is working for you?
  4. Stress and anxiety are a big problem in today’s society. Can CBD help?
  5. What do you want people to know about Chil Wellness?

In 1997, Kevin DeMeritt founded Lear Capital, a precious metals company. In 2008 he also co-founded Wilshire Finance Partners, a real estate investment fund, and currently serves as its president.

Mr. DeMeritt holds his Bachelors Degree with an emphasis in business and economics from the University of Montana. He is nationally recognized as an expert on the markets, the economy and geo-political events. As an expert DeMeritt has been a guest commentator on more than 1000 radio and television talk shows.

In 2008, Kevin’s 18 month old daughter, Aspen, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was immediately put on two different medications for the Arthritis and inflammation. One of the medications, methotrexate, is a cancer drug. It is so potent that doctors told his pregnant wife, not to come in contact with the medication because it could affect the health of the baby she carried.

When Kevin heard what this drug could do to his wife and unborn child, he started to research what this drug was doing to his 18-month-old daughter. Seeing the risks, he knew he needed to investigate alternative approaches. Knowing he could not take Aspen off her medication before he found such an alternative, his search began in earnest.

Like a lot of parents, he reached out to Google for help and found oodles of information. He discovered a variety of natural ingredients that showed promise. Arnica, Boswellia and St. John’s Wart were among those products. When rubbed on Aspen’s joints in the right amounts, some relief was achieved. He then heard about CBD and its potential to fight inflation. So why not blend CBD with the other natural ingredients that showed promise and see what happens. The result? Aspen was elated.

The more research he did, the more convinced he became that CBD could be something special. In 2016 a team of lab researchers from the University of Kentucky published the results of their study of CBD for relieving arthritis symptoms in mice in the European Journal of Pain. They concluded that when they induced arthritis into the knee joints of mice and applied a transdermal CBD gel, it reduced the joint swelling. The result was music to his ears.

He began sharing his formulations with others who started to use it for their own aches and pains. Again the results were positive and the requests for more product began to roll in.

Kevin is not a medical professional, just a parent on a mission to help his daughter. He wanted Aspen to have a normal childhood and to run and play with the other kids. The goal was for her to grow up strong and healthy and be able to do whatever she loved in life. The CBD formulas and products he has developed are the radiant outcome of love. He continually seeks out the best ingredients, scientists and technology to get the best results.

His pledge is to be transparent with the ingredients and testing with a:

  • Commitment to use high-quality natural ingredients
  • Purchase ingredients from socially responsible sources
  • Back all products with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Today, his daughter is 14 years old and an accomplished athlete with an active and enjoyable lifestyle. He created Chil Wellness as a new-generation wellness company with the goal to help others.



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Building a CBD Super Food Brand

Building a CBD Super Food Brand

September 18, 2019




Richie Harrington, CEO of Vaital Organics, a CBD super food brand joins eHealth Radio and the CBD and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Richie Harrington discuss the following:

  1. Explain how Vaital Organics should be enjoyed.
  2. How does the CBD work?
  3. What are key ingredients in Vaital Organics?
  4. Who are some of your key advisors?
  5. What have you learned as you create this brand?

Richard “Richie” Harrington is the founder and CEO of Vaital Organics, a Los Angeles-based health and wellness company that is pioneering CBD-infused superfood supplements with an emphasis on healthier living.

Born and raised in Santa Monica and residing on the Westside for his entire life, Richie only moved away from Los Angeles to attend school and play football in Oregon. After a string of injuries ended his athletic career and left him with a great deal of post-surgery pain and inflammation, Richie turned to CBD and hemp products as an alternative to opioid medications. After college, Harrington continued to deal with the same issues and sought a way to take control of his health for good. That’s when he met Vaital co-founder, Reno Rollé Jr. Reno also used cannabis and hemp products as alternative medicines to fight the opioid epidemic and introduced Richie to superfoods as a holistic alternative to supplements and as a way to boost energy levels, improve overall wellness, and springboard himself into a better diet and exercise routine. Richie began to see cannabis products and superfoods as the perfect marriage: CBD for inflammation and pain management, as well as to level out brain activity, and superfoods to boost energy, metabolism and overall health and wellness. From this realization and partnership, Vaital Organics was born.

From the company’s conception in July of 2018, Richie has had to wear a lot of hats at Vaital. As founder and CEO, Richie is on the ground overseeing day-to-day operations, communicating with stakeholders, managing finances and sales all the way through the backend. Vaital is his passion, born out of a vision to create an alternative wellness solution that offered benefits that no other superfood or CBD product on the market could match.





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Ask a Pro: Top 5 Questions About CBD/Hemp Oil

Ask a Pro: Top 5 Questions About CBD/Hemp Oil

July 31, 2019




Jesse Daly, owner of SoCalHempCo, who makes and distributes SoCalHempCo CBD Products that REALLY WORK joins eHealth Radio and the Health & Pain Management Channels. Jesse blends his talents to help others love themselves and feel better – naturally.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jesse Daly discuss the following:

  1. Who is SoCalHempCo?
  2. What is is CBD/ CBD vs. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?
  3. What are the benefits? Why would I take it?
  4. Will it make me high? Is it Legal?
  5. What Products or Product Categories do you offer?

Jesse Daly is an entrepreneur, marketer and creative artist. As owner of SoCalHempCo he blends his talents to help others love themselves and feel better – naturally.





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