Key ideas about stress management with Dr. Cynthia Ackrill

June 10, 2014

Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, a doctor of lifestyle medicine, stress expert and leadership coach joins eHealth Radio and the Stress Management Channel. She brings a unique background to combining the science and wisdom of how humans perform and thrive.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Cynthia Ackrill discuss the following:

  • Why is stress such a hot topic right now?
  • Isn't stress management related to time management?
  • What are your key ideas about stress management?
  • How can we build awareness?
  • What can we do in the moment?
  • How do we plan for less stress in the future & create resilience?

Duration: 17:59

Cynthia Ackrill M.D. is a leader in the field of leveraging stress for optimal productivity, health, and happiness. She addresses the critical relationship between lifestyle choices, performance capacities, and leadership effectiveness. As the only physician trained in neuroscience and wellness and leadership coaching, she teaches and leads workshops to reduce the waste of human capital, health, happiness, and profits lost to stress and in effective leadership. And she continues one-on-one and team coaching to create realistic stress strategies and advance performance and leadership goals.

Dr. Ackrill earned her B.S. at Duke University and M.D. At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and practiced primary care medicine for over a decade. She then spent another 10 years studying brain mapping, neuro feedback, and biofeedback for a variety of mood and behavior challenges, including stress. Fascinated by how humans struggle with behavior choice and change, she went on to certify in wellness coaching and leadership coaching.

Currently Dr. Ackrill heads the Workplace Stress board of the American Institute of Stress and is on the faculty of Kent State Institute for Excellence, Federal Leadership School, Davidson Centre for the Professions, and The Healthcare Coaching Institute. She also contributes widely as a stress and behavior change expert to a range of media, including Katie Couric, Huffington Post, and multiple print venues.

Dr. Ackrill is dedicated to helping humans thrive by finding real life strategies based in neuroscience and the science of human performance.

Web Site:
Twitter: @cackrill

The challenges of living with a brain tumor with Jeri Donovan, Founder of Well Traveled

June 9, 2014

Jeri Donovan a brain tumor survivor and the founder of Well Traveled, one of the few wellness travel agencies in the US joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Information and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Jeri Donovan discuss the following:

  • How were you diagnosed with a brain tumor?
  • What are the challenges of living with a brain tumor?
  • What are some of the challenges of working with the medical professionals? 
  • Why are second opinions so important, give some examples from your experience?
  • Talk about the importance of being your own best advocate, examples of the what that might look like?
  • Share with us a brief wellness travel update?

Duration: 15:29

Jeri Donovan is the founder of Well Traveled, a boutique wellness travel agency that specializes in active adventure travel, spa destinations, yoga retreats, fitness vacations and wellness cruises. She offers wellness vacations for groups, solo travelers and couples. Planning wellness travel truly suits Jeri's soul and combined her insatiable passion for travel with her personal commitment to wellness for herself and for her clients.

In 2011, Jeri was diagnosed with a skull base brain tumor (mere months after completing a century bike ride). Long story short; most of the tumor adjacent to her brain stem was safely removed. However, Jeri’s recovery required lifestyle adjustments, both personally and professionally.

Jeri began to embrace different activities that suited her post surgery life. Yoga was at the top of the list. Long walks and hikes replaced running. And, in lieu of mountain biking, more miles covered by her road bike continued to create a Zen sort of experience.

Leaving her beloved teaching profession also became a post brain surgery necessity as single-sided deafness was one of the repercussion of the surgery that saved her life and left her sound sensitive.

Having long hindered a secret desire to work in the travel industry, Jeri switched gears. She immediately sought specialized training and became the very first travel professional to complete the Travel Institute’s Well-Being Travel Specialist certification program.

In addition to operating Well Traveled, Jeri is also committed to sharing the benefits of wellness travel and gives presentations to corporations, organizations and travel industry events.

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Twitter: @welltraveled

Why community acupuncture is a growing trend with Dr. Anne Jeffres

June 6, 2014

Dr. Anne Jeffres the Founder and Director of the Jeffres Acupuncture Center based in New York City joins eHealth Radio and the Acupuncture and Health Channels. Dr. Jeffres is nationally board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and has been a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 1994.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Anne Jeffres discuss the following:

  • What is community acupuncture and why is this a growing trend?
  • Explain your practice and specialties.
  • How does acupuncture work? Can you cite examples of patients and studies that show its effectiveness?
  • Is this becoming more accepted in mainstream medicine?
  • Why are more Americans embracing acupuncture?

Duration: 14:16

Dr. Anne Jeffres is the founder and director of the Jeffres Acupuncture Center based in New York City.  Anne believes that acupuncture and Chinese medicine should be accessible by all people. She is nationally board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and has been a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 1994. Her focus is integrating healing and wellness of both physical and emotional conditions and practices a range of styles.

The Jeffres Acupuncture Center is passionate about giving the community the most affordable, educational and effective acupuncture experience, integrating healing and wellness of both physical and emotional conditions. It is here where ancient knowledge meets modern healing, giving each patient a greater understanding of his or her individual path to health, wellness and happiness.

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Twitter: @jeffresacenter

Bangs To Go, an easy to use and inexpensive answer to a variety of women’s hair issues

June 4, 2014

Sandi Morgaman Creator of Bangs To Go, a new, easy to use, quick and inexpensive answer to a variety of women’s hair issues joins eHealth Radio and the Beauty and Personal Development Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sandi Morgaman discuss the following:

  • What is Bangs To Go?
  • What was your inspiration to create Bangs To Go?
  • When did you realize Bangs To Go was a perfect accessory for all women?
  • Market size matters and the hair industry is a multi billion dollar market. What are your thoughts on women’s obsession with hair?
  • What are you plans for the future with Bangs To Go?

Duration: 5:11

Sandi Morgaman is the Creator of Bangs to Go, an exciting new designer hair solution for women who need an easy way to have a great hair day. In the past, she had tried it all --- hair extensions, wigs and clip ons --- either for a change of pace or, later, to help with thinning hair. Extentions were inconvenient and required constant maintenance; wigs were hot and heavy & and all of them were expensive. Sandi also liked bangs but didn't want to cut her hair and be committed to always wearing bangs. After looking for something that would help her with these things and not finding it anywhere, she decided to make something that would --- and that became Bangs to Go.

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What does bistroMD know about protein with Dr. Caroline Cederquist

June 2, 2014

Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Medical Director for bistroMD, a home meal diet delivery service joins eHealth Radio and the Health & Nutrition Channels.

Dr. Cederquist is also the Founder of Cederquist Medical Wellness Clinic, an award winning health clinic specializing is weight loss, metabolism correction and food allergies.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Caroline Cederquist discuss the following:

  • There are constantly new studies about what we are supposed to eat and there was a recent controversy about protein. What are your thoughts on that?
  • What does [bistroMD] know about protein?
  • How much protein should we be eating?
  • What are great sources of protein?
  • In addition to a diet rich in lean protein, as you recommend, what else should people be eating?

Duration: 12:30

In 2005, Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist co-founded bistroMD with her husband, Ed, who is the CEO of the company and is fondly referred to as The Foodie. The couple combined their healthy weight loss knowledge and love of food to create a diet program that makes a difference in people's lives.

Of only 250 doctors, Dr. Cederquist has achieved a board certification in bariatric medicine (also known as weight management) in order to help her patients with various medical conditions that range from metabolism dysfunction to food allergies. She discusses a number of health-related news and topics which has made her nationally recognized as an all-around media personality.

Her practice and the bistroMD program strives to help men, women and children find the path to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle through weight loss and weight management.

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How MedjetAssist is different than travel insurance

June 2, 2014


John Gobbels, the Chief Operating Officer/Vice President and transport expert for MedjetAssist, the premier global air-medical transport membership program for travelers including college students once again joins eHealth Radio and the Travel Health Care Information Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest John Gobbels discuss the following:

  • What is MedjetAssist, and how is it different from travel insurance?
  • Without a Medjet membership, what is the average cost range that travelers face when transported from across the globe to their hometown hospital?
  • Can you briefly describe the various types of memberships that Medjet offers, and what is the price range?
  • When it comes to transports, what are the different kinds of medical emergencies or mishaps that Medjet has serviced?
  • With this month and next month being graduation season, how can college graduates benefit from a Medjet membership if they’re planning to take a big trip over the next few months? Would a short-term membership be appropriate? And for families traveling with kids in tow this summer, what is the best type of Medjet membership they should invest in?

Duration: 9:04

John Gobbels brings over 23 years of pre-hospital and hospital service and management experience to his role as vice president and COO of MedjetAssist. Since joining the premier medical evacuation membership program in 2006 as director of transport operations, Mr. Gobbels has been responsible for complete oversight of all transport and repatriation operations.



Before moving from his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Medjet’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Mr. Gobbels spent 13 years with STAT MedEvac, the air ambulance arm of the renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). During his tenure, he played integral roles in almost all aspects of the program, from base operations to communications and clinical operations.

For six years Mr. Gobbels served as clinical director of STAT MedEvac, overseeing compliance with the Commission on Air-Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), as well as the continuing education requirements for all clinical staff. Previously, he was a flight nurse and paramedic. Mr. Gobbels began his career with UPMC in 1991 as a critical care nurse.

Mr. Gobbels holds a Masters degree in Management and Information Technology from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA., as well as multiple degrees in health care.


Web Site:
Twitter: @MedjetAssist

Kindara, fertility awareness in your hands with Courtney Miller

June 1, 2014

Courtney Miller, Community Manager at Kindara, a company that gives women the tools and knowledge to take control of their reproductive health joins eHealth Radio and the Female Health and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Courtney Miller discuss the following:

  • What is Kindara?
  • How does Kindara help women achieve better outcomes with their reproductive health?
  • How is Kindara different from other fertility apps?
  • Tell me about what Kindara has been working on lately.
  • What’s one thing can women do now to improve their fertility?

Duration: 6:37

Courtney Miller is the Community Manager at Kindara, a company that aims to give women the tools, knowledge, and support to understand their fertility and achieve better outcomes with their reproductive health. Kindara's commitment is that every woman feels supported in navigating her fertility and reproductive health.

Kindara's first product: Kindara Fertility Tracker for iPhone is a top rated fertility app on the iOS App Store, helping hundreds of thousands of women get pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally or better understand their cycles. Kindara’s future products will help women take control of their health in other areas.

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Twitter: @Kindara_Inc

Symptoms of cataracts and how they are treated with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

June 1, 2014

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, Medical Director at Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center, a Laser Eye Surgeon that specializes in providing clear vision to patients joins eHealth Radio and the Eye Health Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Sandy T. Feldman discuss the following:

  • What is a cataract?
  • What are the symptoms of cataracts?
  • How are cataracts treated?
  • When does a person need cataract surgery?
  • What are the options for cataract patients?
  • What's the best way to determine options?

Duration: 7:32

Dr. Feldman has performed over 20 thousand refractive procedures and has the confidence that modern LASIK is so precise, she performed LASIK on her own husband. Almost ten years later, he still has 20/15 vision in each eye. Her experience along with the use of sophisticated technology that customizes the procedure for our eyes ensures the highest probability of attaining the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman attended medical school at Rush Medical College Rush University in Chicago, IL where she also fulfilled her ophthalmology residency. Additional training followed with a fellowship at the University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, in Cornea External Disease and Refractive Surgery. She remained on faculty at the University of California, San Diego rising to the ranks of Associate Professor in Residence and also served as Director of Refractive Surgery.

As a leader in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Feldman has participated in FDA clinical studies of custom LASIK. Currently, she is involved in studies of a new treatment to halt the progression of keratoconus, a disease in which the fitting of contact lenses can become challenging. In 2009, she was one of ten laser eye care providers in the U.S. to receive the Goldline Award as seen Forbes Magazine. In 2010, she was awarded the Silver Elite RealSelf award,Top Doc San Diego and was inducted into the prestigious American College of Ophthalmic Surgeons. Dr. Feldman is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Professional athletes in numerous arenas have trusted their eyes to Dr. Feldman; from professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, to former Iron Man Triathletes Scott Tinley and Lori Bowden. She has performed surgery on so many athletes in Southern California area that she is considered “The Athlete’s Choice.” She has also performed surgery on thousands of doctors including other surgeons, as well as the inventor of the WaveScanTM device, Dr. Josef Bille.

During Dr. Feldman's downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family, at the beach, hiking local trails, and practicing yoga. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and the ClearView team will help guide you to the best vision correction option for you, whether it is implantable lens technology, laser vision correction or advanced implants with cataract surgery.

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