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Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Wellness Program with Dr. Edward Jackowski

December 31, 2012


One of the most respected Fitness Experts in the country today, Dr. Edward Jackowski from Exude Fitness, headquartered in Manhattan, NY. joins eHealth Radio and the Health & Fitness Channel to talk about why your company needs a corporate wellness program.

Listen to our brief interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Edward Jackowski discuss the following:

  • Your first book that you wrote back in 1992, you predicted that companies today would need a corporate wellness program in order to be more profitable, a: how did you know this back then and, b) please explain this in more detail…
  • With all the benefits known about a fitter employee costs you less than an unfit worker, why are companies today still reluctant to embrace a wellness program for their employees?


Dr. Edward Jackowski had a vision while taking a business entrepreneur class at college while finishing his undergraduate degree and after borrowing $400.00 from a fellow student, he parlayed his dream of creating an innovative fitness company into reality, and established EXUDE Fitness . Today, the manifestation of that dream is has made Exude the most successful motivational and one-on-one fitness company in the country, headquartered in Manhattan, NY servicing the Tri-State and Florida.

For more on Dr. Edward Jackowski click here.


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