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Where pain comes from, how and why it shows up in the first place with Sharon Starika

June 11, 2014

Sharon Starika, a movement educator, specializing in the Feldenkrais method joins eHealth Radio and the Pain Management and Fitness Channels. Sharon talks about the definition of pain, clarifying where it comes from, how and why it shows up in the first place - and how you can alleviate pain through awareness and movement.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sharon Starika discuss the following:

  • Tell us a bit about the type of work you do.
  • You are talking to us about a concept you call the "Pyramid of Pain" - what is that, and why the name?
  • Is it possible for people to have pain in multiple locations?
  • Tell us what happens once people know where their pain is - and the process for it to go away?
  • What kind of movement/s do you suggest to help alleviate pain?
  • Does pain sometimes occur for some unknown reason?

Duration: 8:56

Sharon Starika has a deep passion for running, having been a competitive triathlete for more than 20 years. After a debilitating accident with a semi-truck two decades ago, Sharon’s doctors gave her little hope of ever running again since she had undergone nine surgeries on her left side. Through practicing the Feldenkrais Method she was able to heal herself, run, and compete again.

From Sharon’s remarkable recovery, she found her passion for movement and realized that she wanted to teach others to move with greater ease, comfort, less pain, and to live fuller lives with movement. Movement includes running, skiing, cycling, hiking, or just getting out of a chair. For Sharon, as her mentor and life-time teacher Moshe Feldenkrais said, “Movement is life!”

Sharon is a Guild Feldenkrais Practitioner, with her private practice based in Park City.  She also teaches classes and clinics around the country and offers instructional online classes, local clinics and workshops. Her clients repeatedly comment on the inspiration she offers, and the self-empowerment the Feldenkrais Method gives.

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