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What kind of nutrition and exercise is needed for vibrant health?

May 2, 2012


What kind of nutrition and exercise is needed for vibrant health?

with Amir Pozderac

Amir Pozderac with decade of experience working as a fitness consultant, nutrition specialist, corrective exercise specialist, food psychology coach and a life coach joins the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Amir Pozderac discuss the following:

  • Why are Americans fat and what to do about it?
  • What kind of nutrition and what kind of exercise is needed for vibrant health - what is more important from these two?
  • What do you think about dieting? Is there a "magic" diet or a pill?
  • What is one most important step in improving one's health?
  • Your new book is coming out. Tell us about it.
  • What are the most important steps our listeners can take TODAY to improve their health?


Amir Pozderac is a health and fitness professional specializing in working with clients for whom their health and well being jeopardize their business and personal performance.


From an early age, Amir engaged in various martial arts. A successful career in the field lasted for more than eight years during which Amir won many tournaments and several national champion titles. Then, the war in Bosnia temporarily interrupted his childhood. After the war, the starved nation started indulging in abundance of food and Amir was no exception. He gained nearly a 100lbs in a little over a year, developed various health problems and stopped doing any sports. Once top athlete became a chubby boy who could barely walk, not to say do any sports. Doctor's check-up which showed serious health problems and high risk of cardiovascular diseases was the trigger. Amir decided to pursue education in the health and fitness field and make the so-much-needed lifestyle change. This desire to better understand human body lead him to School of Pharmacy and at the same time, he decided to engage seriously in more nature-related sports such as mountain biking and trail running.  In June 2005, the first Bosnian triathlon championship took place. Amir won that title and got involved in triathlon professionally, winning several national champion titles and numerous international races. He was also a Bosnian candidate for 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing China.

As a self coached professional athlete, he had to learn as much as he could to be able to compete with the best in the world. During that time he realized the importance of proper nutrition and appropriate rest as key factors in sports success.

After retiring from his career as a professional athlete, Amir recognized the growing need and decided to pursue his two greatest passions – teaching and fitness and combine it into the most rewarding path there is – helping people improve their health and well-being. By focusing on proper nutrition and the foundations of long-lasting health, he has helped hundreds of clients completely transform their lives and be healthier than ever before.

Aside from the School of Pharmacy Amir has also completed a Bachelors Degree in Business here in the U.S. He is also a member of NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) – a global leader in fitness and health field, whose certifications are known for its toughness and highest standards. He is a Certified Fitness Consultant, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and he also holds the American Heart Association CPR and AED certifications.

Amir is still actively racing in his favorite sports – cycling. He is a passionate reader and a life-long student of personal development. His favorite quote is one by Abraham Lincoln: “A person who will give me a book that I haven’t read becomes my best friend.”



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