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What ingredients in a sunscreen are harmful with Tom Ferries of Beyond Coastal Sun Care

May 10, 2014

Tom Ferries, Marketing Manager at Beyond Coastal Sun Care, that sells both an All natural and an Active line of sun screens and lip balms joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Tom Ferries discuss the following:

  • What should a person look for when buying a Sun Screen?
  • Difference between Active (Traditional) Sun Screen and All Natural (Mineral) Sun Screen?  
  • What Ingredients in a sun screen are harmful? 
  • Do only fair-skinned people need sunscreen?
  • Can sunscreen help prevent skin cancer?

Duration: 11:24

Years of sun exposure and the ensuing effects drove Shawn Biega to start Beyond Coastal Suncare. A diehard skier and surfer, Shawn and his cohorts spent endless hours in the sun year-round, every day their skin taking a beating. Although they wore sunscreen, too many of his friends were being diagnosed with skin cancer. After some initial research Shawn was disappointed to find the sun care market filled with greasy, chemical laden formulas that claimed broad spectrum protection.

After years of research and testing (on himself, not animals!) in surf breaks, skate parks, and ski slopes, in 2006, Beyond Coastal Suncare was born.

Two years later we grew a bit and relocated to Utah's Wasatch Mountains. We miss the surf, but love the skiing! The outdoor opportunities are plentiful in Utah and the sun is harsh. This combination continues to spur our constant research into better sun care.

As individuals we are parents, athletes, consumers and concerned members of our global community. As a company and signatory of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics we are committed to offering your family the cleanest, healthiest sun care products possible at a reasonable price. Our formulas are crafted to offer true broad-spectrum protection and are packed with moisturizing botanical antioxidants that nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin.

We are a sun-loving culture and whatever you do to play outside, there is a healthy choice for sun protection.

Web Site:
Twitter: @Beyondcoastal

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