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VCA, offering multidisciplinary approach and advanced technology to treat animals with cancer

March 14, 2018




Dr. Zachary Wright, DVM, the Director of Oncology at VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Dallas, Texas joins eHealth Radio and the Animal Health Channel to discuss how VCA is offering multidisciplinary approach and advanced technology to treat animals with cancer.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Zachary Wright discuss the following:

  1. As director of oncology for VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Dallas, Texas, can you tell us about the Animal Diagnostic Clinic and why this oncology practice is of growing importance today for pets and their families?
  2. As a veterinary medical oncologist, can you share some background on why you chose veterinary oncology and what the educational requirements are for this specialty? 
  3. How does VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic approach diagnosing and treatment for pet cancer? What sets it apart from other veterinary hospitals and can you explain a little about the Triad of Care?
  4. What are some of the latest technologies and tools available at your clinic for the treatment of pets with cancer?
  5. In human medicine, we hear a lot about clinical trials and how they can evaluate cutting edge cancer testing and treatments. How does VCA’s participation in clinical trials benefit pets and cancer outcomes?
  6. When a pet parent is facing a diagnosis of cancer for their family pet, what advice can you offer to them to help them through the process?


Dr. Zachary Wright was raised in the DFW Area (Rockwall). He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Notre Dame and his veterinary medical degree from Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. He then completed a one year rotating small animal internship in medicine and surgery at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Wright followed his passion in pursuing a residency in small animal oncology at Texas A&M University and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-Oncology in 2008.

Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Wright joined the staff at VCA Veterinary Care in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to open a new oncology practice. While on staff he served as director of the internship program. In 2012 Dr. Wright and his family were thrilled with the opportunity to move back to North Texas and join VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic where he now serves as Director of Oncology.

Dr. Wright has published numerous scientific articles and book chapters in small animal oncology. He also lectures to veterinarians across the United States. He believes in giving back to his profession and has served in multiple roles within his regulatory college, the American College of Veterinary Medicine, including positions on the Board of Regents.

As a clinical oncologist, Dr. Wright believes in fully educating his clients on the nature of their pet’s cancer. A cancer diagnosis is rarely a black and white topic and he believes in making sure there are multiple diagnostic and treatment options for all his patients regardless of the situation. Additionally, he is passionate about the role of the veterinary oncologist in palliative care of pets with cancer. At VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic, Dr. Wright has proactively brought a collection of clinical trials to our hospital that evaluate cutting edge cancer testing and treatments. He believes in the Triad of Care and working as a team with your primary care veterinarian to ensure all his patients receive optimal care.

Dr. Wright and his wife (also a veterinarian in Dallas) have two young boys and their rescue dog Allie. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his children, the Dallas restaurant scene, golfing and fly fishing.

About VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic

VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic provides veterinarians, along with their clients and pets, with the highest quality diagnostic and therapeutic care as it relates to internal medicine, oncology and cardiology. 

Located in Dallas, Texas, specialists and technicians are trained to the highest standards. Their thorough knowledge of the latest procedures and medicines ensures that patients receive the best care available. One such advancement is the state-of-the-art TruebeamTM radiation technology that can deliver better, safer and faster radiation treatment with unmatched precision to tumors.

At the heart of VCA’s advanced care services are board-certified veterinarian specialists, who have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 4,000 VCA veterinarians.





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