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Tips for Coping with Depression and PTSD

December 12, 2019




Alicemarie O'Neill, owner of her self-named company, Alicemarie O'Neill that offers examination and empowerment through individualized counseling and helps individuals build a stronger, more evolved version of themselves joins eHealth Radio and the Depression and PTSD Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Alicemarie O'Neill discuss the following:

  1. Your book "The Formula" discusses depression, what causes it and how to regain control of your life. What happens to the body and mind when depression sets in?
  2. What are the seven steps for healing from depression and manic depression/bipolar disorder?
  3. How does one survive the turbulence of a breakdown that keeps recurring?
  4. PTSD - how can someone be treated?
  5. The holidays are just around the corner. Why do holidays tend to be a difficult time for people who suffer from depression and what do you recommend they can do?

Alicemarie O'Neill is a survivor of four manic depressive episodes (breakdowns) over 20 years and was diagnosed with bipolar depression. As a mental health and spiritual counselor, she worked through her depression and mood swings and chronicles her real-life experiences in her international best-selling book "The Formula: Seven Steps for Healing from Depression and Manic Depression."

O'Neill has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science in criminology and sociology with a minor in psychology from Youngstown State University. She did her graduate work at the University of California San Diego. She has studied and practiced Hermetic Studies and astrology for the past 30 years.


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