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The newest “on-the-go” travel “must have” products that keep us all healthy while traveling!

May 23, 2015

Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris, Co-Founders of Savvy Traveler join eHealth Radio and the Health News and Travel Channels to share with you the newest "on-the-go" travel "must have" products that keep us all healthy while traveling!

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris discuss the following:

  • We have learned that you are best friends in business! Tina, how have you managed to keep a healthy working relationship with Margie Floris your partner after all these years?
  • So you both built the now global company Foot Petals, can you tell us what Savvy Traveler is?
  • Since you both travel all the time, what is the one thing you were most shocked to learn about as far as facts about germs, and surface bacteria on planes?
  • What is your best seller so far from all the individually packed towelettes Savvy Traveler has created?
  • What is next for Savvy Traveler, will we see the product in airports? Any new products on the horizon?

Duration: 9:26

Tina Aldatz and her best friend Margie Floris are Co-Founders of the newest "must have" travel products, making traveling simple, smart, and safe. The company is called Savvy Traveler and the website is Savvy Traveler is a premier lifestyle brand offering daily use products in convenient kits and single-use packets that are disposable, eco-friendly and made in CA! Savvy Traveler is dedicated to overall travel wellness while offering stylish lifestyle components for both personal and surface use. They are high performance products that are individually packed in a disposable towelette form that remove 99% of surface contamination. Savvy Traveler, American-made products with a modern design, help consumers carry all of their must-haves while they travel for a healthy, easy, on-the-go experience. Keeping travelers healthy for all their destinations!

TINA ALDATZ, Entrepreneur and CEO, made her mark on the world as a self-starting entrepreneur and founder of Foot Petals, the revolutionary line of designer insole cushions for women's high heels. As a child, Tina severely burned her feet after accidently stepping on buried hot coals at the beach. From her foot injury, Tina created Foot Petals to help fill a gap in the market for women?s high-heeled foot support. Through her strength and tenacity, Foot Petals became a successful multi-million dollar company that was recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the "500 fastest growing companies in America". Tina is a true pediatric burn survivor who has taken a horrific tragedy and turned it into her destiny. Tina has also been featured in Forbes Magazine as an "entrepreneur to watch" and was honored to become the 2011 National Latina Business Women Association's (NLBWA) "Business Woman of the Year".

Currently, Tina is the CEO of Savvy Traveler, a premier lifestyle brand dedicated to the health and wellness of the on-the-go consumer. Savvy Traveler is launching a revolutionary line of products intended to make the life of a jetsetter more clean and convenient. Recently, Tina authored her first book, "From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange", an autobiographical telling of her life and business, from concept to creation.

Tina is also an activist in her community. As a member of the Board of Directors for Hispanic 100 and Chairwoman of its highly regarded Mentor Program, she is dedicated to inspiring others and believes that success comes from within. The goal of the mentor program is to help young, goal orientated Latinos between the ages of 18 and 24 become successful in business and civic engagement through mentored relationships with successful Hispanic professionals.  Tina has also volunteered and helped organizations around her community like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County, Girls Inc., and in 2011 Foot Petals created an endowment through the Two Ten Foundation, focusing solely on scholarships for Women in the Footwear Industry (WIFI).

Tina is a strong advocate for change with regard to immigration policy in the United States. She is as an Executive Producer for Frontera, a very poignant film starring Eva Longoria and Ed Harris that brings to light the controversial and ongoing debate regarding illegal immigration along the U.S. and Mexican border. Tina believes it is crucial to remember what every immigrant is seeking?opportunity.Tina is driven to inspire women in all walks of life to pursue the American dream. She strives to motivate and assist women in business to bring their power and passion to reality.

Margarita "Margie" Floris is a self-made, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur with an extensive career in the fashion, accessories and footwear industries. As a pioneer in her field, she has established herself as a leading woman in the fashion industry through her experience in sales and management. After acquiring her degree in marketing and management from the Tobe Coburn School of Fashion in New York, Margie became the international sales manager for BCBG Max Azria and led the management of launching its cutting-edge product line throughout the United Kingdom and parts of the Middle East, Hong Kong, Central and South America.

In 2001, Margie joined long time friend, Tina Aldatz, taking the footwear industry by storm through the launching of their innovative line of custom insoles for women's high heels, Foot Petals. Margie was instrumental in globally growing the Foot Petals brand through her dedication, hard work and professionalism in developing and maintaining key relationships that enabled Foot Petals to be acquired by a publicly traded company. Through her direct management, Foot Petals consistently exhibited consistent and positive growth year after year.

Margie is also actively involved in the promotion of women in business; having helped fund the very first endowment fund for Two Ten's Women in Footwear Industry by providing college scholarships to young women looking to succeed in the footwear business. She is also a member of the Cosmetic Executive Women, serves as a mentor for Hispanic 100, and is a founding partner and board member of Apparel Insiders LLC. Apparel Insiders is a media company founded in 2010 that publishes both an online and print magazine delivering an inside perspective of the contemporary fashion industry.

Currently, Margie has joined business partner Aldatz, once again, as President of Savvy Traveler, a premier lifestyle brand dedicated to the health and wellness of the on-the-go consumer. Savvy Traveler showcases a revolutionary line of products intended to make the life of a jetsetter more clean and convenient by offering smart, safe and simple solutions. Margie continues to strive to be at the forefront of the fashion industry by creating unique, innovative solutions for today's consumers.

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