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The Missing Link to healing chronic disease

June 1, 2019




Dane Stevens, author of the book Reclaim Your Power and the owner and Sr. Facilitator at An Extraordinary Life. He is the developer of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process – NTHP, and the Soul Re-Cognition Process - SRC.; modalities getting international attention for their ability to heal joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dane Stevens discuss the following:

  1. You have developed a process that heals people from chronic conditions, unwanted behaviors and even addiction. How does this process work?
  2. Why does it work? What makes this different than other modalities?
  3. How do you work with people? What do they have to do?
  4. Why is it so effective? What is the key to healing trauma?
  5. How can people learn more about this work and try it out for themselves?

Dane Stevens is the owner and director of An Extraordinary Life and The Healing Centre – companies created to promote healing, awareness and self-empowerment for individuals around the world. He is also the founder and creator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP) and the Soul Re-Cognition Process (SRC); two healing modalities that are garnering international attention and acclaim for the unparalleled results they have been achieving for people seeking physical and psychological healing and spiritual development.

Dane was a trainer, coach and facilitator for 15+ years (ACE, AFLCA, CCA, ETC, ACC) and started his private practice in the year 2000. He developed the Neuro Trauma Healing Process – NTHP; and Soul Re-Cognition Process – SRC, in the year 2008 and has been teaching and facilitating them to individuals, counselors and therapists, one on one and to groups since 2010.


He has published a book - Reclaim Your Power- that is an introduction to NTHP, and also hosts live seminars and workshops, webinars and speaking engagemenst to bringing it to those who want and need it.

Dane is originally from the interior of BC, Canada. He lived in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey in the US for 7 years where he learned and developed the foundation of this work. He now resides in beautiful North Vancouver where he can often be found deep in nature hiking, climbing - in search of the next most dynamic waterfall, or playing hockey or tennis.





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