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The importance of exfoliation with Kirsten Corcoran of Larenim

March 8, 2013


Kirsten Corcoran, Founder and Director of Larenim Cosmetics and Skin Care Company who has 29 professional years in the Natural Products Industry, 26 year owner of a retail natural products store joins eHealth Radio & the Skin Care Channel.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Kirsten Corcoran discuss the following:

  • Larenim originally was solely a makeup company. What are some of the more recent products that Larenim has introduced?
  • How do you choose what products to bring to market?
  • How do you conceptualize the products you develop?
  • What are some of the key aspects that makes Larenim products outstanding or otherwise different than other skin care products on the market?
  • What do you think would surprise skin care consumers the most about your role in the development of Larenim products?


Kirsten Corcoran has worked 28 years in the Natural Product’s Industry, 22 of them as an owner of a health food and supplement store and before that as a sale’s clerk in various health food stores around Columbus, Ohio. In addition to running her store, she was busy raising 5 children. As a busy mother and entrepreneur (and a vain one at that!), she found herself struggling day to day because of the variety of skin care issues she was faced with. She was a woman who in effort to be the best that she can be, ate meticulously, took supplements but just hadn’t been able to maintain a clear complexion or find a cosmetic line that suited her healthy lifestyle.

Since she was 13, she has experienced chronic acne, and she's had rosacea since turning 30. Being a typical self-conscious teenage girl, she looked to the cosmetic industry to help conceal her troubled complexion. To her disappointment, she found that although everything she tried would cover her breakouts, by the end of the day they would be worse.

By the time she reached her twenties, she noticed her pores had expanded, so she decided to use more talc based powder to cover them. When she entered her thirties, and she was in the 90's and the cosmetic industry had made advances... or so she thought. She tried makeup promising to be non-acnegenic and suitable for sensitive skin. However, the breakouts continued. Could prominent cosmetic companies be deceptive in their marketing? 

Her breakthrough finally came after a week with the flu, using no makeup, and finding her complexion clearer than ever. She began questioning the marketing of the cosmetic industry. 

She researched makeup and ingredients, and found that talc, which is the basis of most makeup, expands the pore wall and is similar to asbestos in structure. Kirsten found that "oil free" is designed to appeal to the trusting majority who don't understand that some of the man made oil substitutes are even worse. 

She learned there's an alternative. Mineral makeup. For Kirsten, mineral makeup was the "holy grail" she had been searching for since she was 13. 

That's when she founded her company, Larenim (mineral spelled backward!)

Kirsten founded Larenim in 2004 and put to market one of the purest and most aesthetically pleasing cosmetics lines available. Right of the starting gate Larenim grew at incredible rate, finding placement in nearly 1000 natural product stores in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Hong Kong within 2 years.

She sold Larenim in December 2006 to one of the largest and most reputable companies in the Natural Product’s Industry but stayed on as the Product Manager. "I continue to oversee the development of the products and act as spokeswoman for Larenim. I also enjoy life raising my 5 teens, running my health food and supplement store and having beautiful, healthy skin", says Kirsten.


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