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The Importance of Being prepared for Disasters

December 23, 2017




Skyler Hallgren, Co-Founder of The Earthquake Bag, a company that offers tested emergency bags for individuals, families, pets and the car joins eHealth Radio and the Emergency Care & Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Skyler Hallgren discuss the following:

  • Tell us how you and your partner got interested in emergency preparedness and started your company.
  • Are these bags just for earthquakes and just for people on the west coast?
  • What kind of bags does your company offer?
  • What makes your bags different than others offered for sale?
  • Where do you recommend storing these bags?
  • I understand you have a disaster relief program. Tell us about that.


Skyler Hallgren is a serial entrepreneur, emergency preparation advocate and co-founder of The Earthquake Bag - a company committed to helping people get emergency planning done.

After starting several companies and then working to make access to healthy, clean-ingredient list food easier, Skyler set his focus on emergency preparedness. As a newcomer to the west coast a few years ago, earthquake prep was a personal issue, and he set out to understand (and help explain) what a family truly should have in place in preparation for emergencies anywhere.




The Earthquake Bag educates the public on the simple steps to a family emergency plan, makes it easy to custom-fit the best emergency supply bags possible, and gives back to areas recently hit by natural disasters through their Disaster Relief Program. Skyler is most passionate about using The Earthquake Bag as a platform to both encourage people to do the responsible thing for their family, while also helping support those who could have never planned for the disaster that hit them.



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