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The Heart of Self-Love with Heather Hans

September 1, 2013

Heather Hans, a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul and author of the book, "The Heart of Self-Love" joins eHealth Radio and the Relationship Advice Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Heather Hans discuss the following:

  • Your new book, The Heart of Self-Love, is partial memoir partial self-help guide.  What can readers expect to learn about you that will help them learn about themselves?
  • This book has been a labor of love for you.  What is the one thing you would most like readers to take with them after reading this book?
  • Your work, and your new book, are centered around love and each person’s need for it in their life.  What is the greatest barrier you perceive to people accepting love?
  • In your book you talk about the suffering that is created by a lack of love and how this lack of love become a poison.  What are some of the ways this poison is expressed in our daily lives?
  • There is a great deal of talk these days about balance; balanced meals, work/life balance, balance in relationships.  How does this goal of balance tie in with self-love and guiding our soul to its ultimate radiance?

Duration: 10:11

Heather, Channel of Love, uses Heather Hans TV in guiding with grace, compassion, warmth, heart energy and wisdom in order for you to experience those qualities in yourself, overcome your fear and suffering, and grow into your fullest potential. She is the only leader of love and relationship expert who brings expertise as a MSW, licensed social worker and psychotherapist, certified professional intuitive coach, law of attraction advanced practitioner, combined with a MBA and the goal achievement skills of a CPA to serve you in your path to becoming your fullest self.  She is connected to intuition and spirituality and combines this approach to serve you in fulfilling your birthright of health and wholeness, and the highest form of love and success possible.

In addition to her Internet TV station and private practice Heather, has managed a substance abuse prevention program for Boulder Valley School District, and was a college instructor with 10 years of experience in the business world, and provider of psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research.

Heather facilitates health and healing on all levels to create total wellbeing and led people to true love.  She uses her expertise in the mind-body-spirit connection to empower clients in resolving emotional conflicts and discover the importance of thoughts, feelings and actions in achieving their goals. 

Heather’s spiritual path is the cornerstone of her life and work. In over 15 years of diverse spiritual and religious study, she has been trained by the top mental health and spiritual leaders of the world.  With a connection to the Divine energy as a foundation, coupled with physical and mental health, her clients are led to healthy and satisfying love relationships with self, partner, community and a higher power.


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