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The Gold Standard of Addictions Assessments - The DUSI

April 19, 2021




Dr. Ralph Tarter, the Director of Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research and creator of the DUSI & Dr. Steve Weatherbee, the Founder and CEO of eCenter Research and creator of the eINSIGHT behavioral health data platform joins eHealth Radio and the Addiction Prevention and the Health News Channels.

  1. What are some of the challenges for clinicians when screening or assessing behavioral health issues?
  2. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about what the DUSI is?
  3. As a behavioral health services provider, how would the DUSI help improve organizational effectiveness?
  4. Addiction rates and related deaths due to overdose seem to be on the rise. Is it possible to improve early detection of people at risk of addiction?

Dr. Ralph Tarter is the Director of the NIDA-funded Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR) at the University of Pittsburgh. He is widely known as a preeminent expert in the field of addiction research and has written 11 books, 80 book chapters, and produced 300 peer reviewed publications during his 40+ year career.

Dr. Steve Weatherbee has spent decades developing innovative technological solutions for improving coordinated care and population health outcomes in education, behavioral health, and social services. His work in program evaluation led him to create eINSIGHT, to empower these sectors to effectively coordinate care, monitor program effectiveness, and improve client outcomes.

eINSIGHT is a web-based HIPAA compliant platform developed for corrections, drug court treatment and behavioral health organizations for rapid assessment, effective triage, targeted treatment planning, and monitoring program effectiveness through population outcome reporting. Learn more about eINSIGHT and the gold standard Drug Use Screening Inventory (DUSI).





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