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The Future of Keeping Your Hands & Home Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

July 31, 2021




David Weaver, the CEO of Aphex BioCleanse Systems, a sanitization solutions company focused on the development and distribution of non-toxic and water-based sanitization and disinfection products trademarked as Hy-IQ® Water joins eHealth Radio and the COVID-19 Information and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest David Weaver discuss the following:

  1. How has cleaning and sanitization changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. Your company has created a cleaning substance called Hy-IQ Water. What is that and what does it do?
  3. Why is Hy-IQ water better than alcohol-based hand sanitizers? Is it more effective?
  4. What kind of studies have you done on Hy-IQ Water to make sure it works?
  5. What would you say to someone who says that you need alcohol to kill germs?

SUMMARY: You don't need alcohol or chlorine to keep clean -- Hy-IQ Water is safer for humans AND the environment

Aphex BioCleanse Systems CEO David Weaver holds over 40 years of experience in engineering and design and is responsible for the creation of much of Aphex’s proprietary formulas. Previously, he spent over two decades as an optical engineer for Eastman Kodak, where he earned a name for himself by streamlining the company’s technology and operations, training its team around the world and innovating for the photography industry.

Following his role with Eastman Kodak, Weaver went on to found his own digital camera company, where he led the company to sell over $100 million within the first year through his innovations. He also helped Motorola launch the first-ever camera phone.

At Aphex, Weaver has spearheaded the creation of seven unique sanitization products that all use hydrogen-based cleaning technology to help keep people, places, pets, and products free of pathogens and our environment safe.




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