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The connection of our mental state with our digestive health, or gut health

July 16, 2015

Nadia Tarazi, Founder of MicroNourish that is blazing the trail that wakes the world to the connection between micronutrient absorption, gut balance and brain health by creating superior formulas that change lives and set a new standard for mental wellness joins eHealth Radio and the Health NewsMental Health & Stress Management Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Nadia Tarazi discuss the following:

  • Many people these days feel overwhelmed and stressed, whether it's due to pressures from work, finances or personal relationships. But most people don't realize how closely their mental state is connected to their digestive health, or gut health. Can you talk a little about this connection?
  • What exactly are micronutrients, and what impact do they have on mental wellness?
  • What are some reasons people aren't getting enough micronutrients?
  • What is the MicroNourish System, and what makes your products unique?
  • Tell us more about what makes the MicroNourish core formula unique?
  • What kind of resources do you have available for our listeners to learn more about micronutrients and the brain-gut connection?

Note: Special listener discount link for coaching series and to try the MicroNourish System.

Duration: 11:35

Nadia started MicroNourish after her quest to improve her focus, digestion and eating led her to learn about the importance of micronutrients and gut health. Taking a broad-spectrum of micronutrients provided an equilibrium she had never experienced. Nadia immediately wanted to help others find the path sooner than she had – and provide high-quality micronutrients from a company people could trust. She worked with scientists and micronutrient experts to develop a system of nutritional formulas that she takes herself, and confidently gives to her family.

With a career background as a Media Producer and Executive Coach, Nadia never imagined she would end up producing nutrient formulas. But the MicroNourish System is the perfect combination of her long-held passions: Understanding how the mind works, focusing on alternative and nutritional health solutions, looking at individuals from a holistic perspective, and supporting people to be their best, brightest selves.


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