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Stress management is about energy management with Dr. Cynthia Ackrill

August 30, 2012


Dr. Cindi Ackrill a leadership coach, wellness coach, consultant and speaker addressing the intersection of health and performance talks about stress management is about energy management. She is also a board member of the American Academy of Stress and is passionate about helping individuals and teams create cultures that support the best of human potential.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Cindi Ackrill discuss the following:

  • Why is stress management so important?
  • Why do you say that stress management is about energy management?
  • What does stress do to our brainpower?
  • What’s a good model for thinking about stress?
  • What are our choices for better managing stress and energy?


Dr. Cindi Ackrill - Human Performance Consultant, Coach, Speaker & President of WellSpark

Dr. Ackrill works with professional leaders and teams to expand performance capacities and resilience. With the latest science and research, she provides innovative ways to optimize energy, creativity, focus, and access to brilliance for enhanced, sustainable performance. Her work includes the systematic management of stress, addressing specific lifestyle/health risk challenges, facilitating behavior change, and creating collaborative cultures to support excellence. She coaches individual leaders, their teams, consults on wellness programming, organizational effectiveness, and cultural shifts, and speaks at off-sites and conferences. For more on Dr. Ackrill click here.


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