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Soul healing perspective with Dr. Rajiv Parti

May 25, 2012


Soul healing perspective with Dr. Rajiv Parti

Dr. Rajiv Parti, (aka Dr. Raj) is a world leading specialist in pain management with over 30 years practicing clinical experience joins eHealth Radio.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Rajiv Parti discuss the following:

  • How did you go from being an anesthesiologist and Chronic Pain manag to an integrative medicine physician/ or MD specializing in Spiritual Wellness?
  • Why do you now pursue health from a Soul Healing perspective? What is Spiritual Wellness define?
  • Your speciality addresses diseases of the Soul , such as depression, anxiety addiction? Can you tell us why you consider them Soul Diseases? And what alternative therapies can support recovery of these issues that so many americans suffer from?
  • You have a new E book--the Laws of Wellness, that our listeners can get for free on your website, can tell us what you define as the seven laws of wellness?
  • Can you share some advance insights from you new book "The Soul of Wellness" to be released on October 16th.
  • If we could incorporate one thing to improve our well-being what would you recommend?


Rajiv Parti, MD  (aka Dr. Raj)  founded the Pain Management Institute of California, and under his direction it has served thousands of patients for acute and chronic pain relief. Dr. Raj is a world’s leading specialist in pain management with over 30 years practicing clinical experience. He was the Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital where he specialized in cardiac anesthesia for 15 years.

In 2005, Dr. Raj personally encountered the first of a series of life threatening health challenges that led him to explore non-traditional evidence based complementary and alternative medicine. He now specializes in promoting spiritual wellness and personal growth with various non-traditional healing modalities.

His study, exposure and experience in this field has led him to formulate an integrative approach to total wellness, especially pain management, stress and depression: the best and most practical applications of both modern medicine and the medical care charted in the ancient wisdom traditions of India and the east. His discovery of Ayurveda and his subsequent education, training and personal practice of it  has given him the rigorous academic and scientific qualification that he was trained to look for as an allopathic doctor.

Dr. Raj has worked with, been in dialogue with and met with some of the world?s most esteemed researchers from Harvard, UCSD, Berkley, Scripps Integrative in the fields of psychiatry, neuroscience, sleep medicine and pain management who are advocating the use of meditation, yoga and mantra (sound healing), and mandala (color therapy) for modern disorders.

Dr. Raj stepped down from full time clinical practice in 2010 to concentrate on his own recovery from chronic pain, and to write. Since 2012 Dr. Raj has been working with his colleagues at The Pain Management Institute of California researching the effect of meditation and yoga on narcotic requirement for pain management.

His new book “The Soul of Wellness “ is being released by Select Books in October 2012.


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