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Shoogies, Reducing the Stigma of Cannabis with a Cannabis-infused Sweetener

June 8, 2019




Latham Woodward is Co-founder and CEO of Sense Distribution the Parent Company of Shoogies, that is on a mission to reduce the stigma of cannabis with a cannabis-infused sweetener joins eHealth Radio and the Cannabis & Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Latham Woodward discuss the following:

  1. How is Shoogies changing the stigma of cannabis use?
  2. What is Shoogies infused sweetener different or unique to other products on the market?
  3. Who will benefit from Shoogies?
  4. How do you consumer Shoogies?
  5. What does the product replace in the market?
  6. Where is Shoogies available?

Latham Woodward is Co-founder and CEO of Sense Distribution the Parent Company of Shoogies. Latham has set his sights outside traditional cannabis consumption and founded the company to bring a low dose, tolerable, non-offensive, non-obtrusive, portable cannabis product to the greater public. Latham aims to eliminate the stigma and judgmental attitudes surrounding cannabis use and offer a new level of accessibility to incorporate cannabis into our daily lives.




Latham has over three decades of manufacturing and sales experience, previously serving as chief financial officer of Baker Marble and Granite for nearly 25 years.

Latham has also served in leadership roles for a variety of companies including Calagave, Maric Group Bakewood Properties, Laughing Glass Cocktails, VingGo, and Wine Wise Selections, and was also a long-serving member of the board of directors for the West Oakland Chamber of Commerce. Latham studied English Literature at the University of Oregon.




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