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Shining the light on siblings of critically ill children

February 6, 2016

Actress Danni Tamburro joins eHealth Radio and the Charity, Children's Health and Health News Channels to discuss her charity work with  “Shine on Siblings”, a unique program designed by EAMF, which shines the light on siblings of critically ill children.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Danni Tamburro discuss the following:

  • What inspired you to volunteer with Shine on Siblings?
  • Can you tell us a little about the foundation?
  • How important is it to shine the spotlight on siblings of children with life-threatening diseases?
  • It’s the New Year and time to give back by volunteering in 2016. How do people find out more about volunteering with Shine on Siblings?
  • You’ve been in film, TV and theatre from a very young age. What’s next for you in 2016? 
  • How was it working alongside Tom Arnold? And who would you like to work with next? 
  • What advice do you give to other child actors?

Duration: 8:55

Danni Tamburro is a lively young actress who has just completed her first movie, playing the daughter of an abusive Tom Arnold in the independent film, “1 Interrogation”, for release in 2016.

Danni is no newcomer to show business as she has been appearing in TV commercials since she was a year old! With several small parts in TV and some theatre under her belt, 19 year old Danni is ready to make a name for herself in TV and film.

In her spare time Danni volunteers at Children’s Hospital working with the siblings of terminally ill children in a program called “Shine on Siblings”. Danni is also a first class equestrian and is devoted to her puppy!


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