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Shifting the Melanoma Detection Landscape

April 24, 2020




Dr. John Dobak, the President & CEO of DermTech, the leading genomics company in dermatology that is creating a new category of medicine, precision dermatology, enabled their non-invasive skin genomics platform joins eHealth Radio and the Dermatology and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. John Dobak discuss the following:

  1. Precision medicine is a leading innovation. Can you tell us about Precision Dermatology and what that means?
  2. What is the value of genomics in dermatology?
  3. How does this non-invasive test have the potential to shift the melanoma detection landscape?
  4. How does the DermTech PLA work?
  5. Are you adapting to the shift towards tele-medicine within the current environment? 6. What is next for DermTech? Are there other applications of this technology?

Dr. John Dobak, MD, has served as Founder and CEO of several venture-backed life science companies in San Diego. Dr. Dobak is the President of the JAKK Group, a life sciences technology accelerator, which has created several companies, including Lithera, INNERCOOL Therapies, and CryoGen/CryoCor. These companies have developed and marketed therapeutics, ranging from endovascular hypothermia to treat cardiac arrest to catheter-based treatments for cardiac arrhythmias. They have been financed by top tier investment firms and have achieved exits through acquisition and an IPO. Dr. Dobak and these companies are the recipients of several awards for entrepreneurship and innovation, including UCSD Connect’s Most Innovative New Product and MIT’s TR 100. Dr. Dobak received a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a medical doctorate from UCSD.



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