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Servicon, elevating the cleaning industry by provide healthy environments

May 14, 2021




Laurie Sewell, President and CEO of Servicon, a leading environmental, custodial and maintenance company located in Southern California joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Laurie Sewell discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about Servicon and its mission.
  2. How has Servicon as an EVS leader helped in the fight against COVID?
  3. How does Servicon prepare its custodian technicians to do their jobs optimally and in the best interests of society?
  4. How is Servicon a critical partner in healthcare?
  5. How does Servicon help hospitals?
  6. What are Servicon’s top priorities for the next 12 months?

Laurie Sewell is President and CEO of Servicon, a provider of exemplary custodial, environmental, and maintenance services for complex facilities.

Servicon partners with Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, commercial real estate, municipal and entertainment industries. Their purpose is to elevate the industry and provide healthy environments for people to thrive.

Considered a disrupter in an industry steeped in tradition, Sewell is shifting the focus from conventional concepts of custodial services to those that are driving wellness, sustainability, new analytics and employee engagement with innovative technologies and training.

At the helm of a diverse workforce of over 1,800 employees, Sewell is passionate about the concept that profit should be achieved through the focus on talent development at all levels of an organization.

Sewell has held positions on international, advisory and editorial boards in her industry. She was also a stakeholder in the development of the GS-42 Green Seal standard. She holds a MA in Organizational Behavior and operates her business under the belief that “it is always about the people.”

Servicon’s five decades of success is due to the alignment of their unique corporate culture with their strategy. They have succeeded in doing well by doing the right thing for all people involved.





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