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QuitWithNick, a clinic that assists people Stop Smoking

December 14, 2014

Nick Terrone, Owner of QuitWithNick, a clinic that mainly assists people Stop Smoking with a 94.7% Success Rate joins eHealth Radio and the Smoke Cessation and Hypnosis Information Channels. Nick also helps people with food addictions, weight loss, severe stress and anxiety. Although he is based in Sydney Australia, he is also available for consultations via Skype.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Nick Terrone discuss the following:

  • With 2015 just around the corner and with so many people making New Year’s resolutions to Stop Smoking, what would be your advice for smokers wanting to stop?
  • Why do smokers find it SO HARD to stop permanently?
  • Anti-Smoking campaigns are often trying to ‘scare smokers’ into quitting as if the smoker doesn’t know cigarettes are bad for them. Hence it seems like there really isn’t much more a smoker could learn about cigarettes that could TRULY help them stop, NICK, could you share with us some fact about cigarettes here and now that perhaps your average smoker out there wouldn’t know, something that could help them stop?
  • I understand that part of your Stop Smoking Program involves Hypnotherapy so for the benefit of our listeners can tell us EXACTLY what it is and what it isn’t?
  • So can you tell us exactly how and why Hypnosis addresses the urge and craving for a cigarette?

Duration: 18:21

Want to eliminate stress, anxiety, a smoking or food addiction for yourself, your employees or your clients? Want to inject more heart and confidence into your life, your business and the world but don't know how?

Whether speaking to an audience of hundreds or working one-on-one, Nick helps create transformational change by co-creatively exploring the structures that maintain the most fundamental thing that determines your life experience: YOUR PERCEPTIONS!

Nick Terrone teaches the art and science of DEEEEEEEEP behavioural change as well as practical techniques to dissolve fear, doubt and resistance. This allows you to experience more of who you REALLY are and what you REALLY want with more easy and flow. The secret is helping clients connect with The Heart (Emotions), The Mind (Conscious & Subconscious) and The Unified Field (everything else).

Nick can help you dissolve the subconscious programming that is keeping you 'stuck' in your limiting beliefs and behaviours while helping you create new and superior ones. This helps you do what you need to do when you need to do it with ease, grace and flow.

Lasting change can only occur when you know how to leverage the 96-98% of your mind (the subconcious) which is TRULY responsible for who we are, what we do and our automatic behaviours.

Nick is an internationally published writer and speaker with a keen focus on the Heart-Mind connection and how it relates to confident self empowerment.

His gift is his ability to explain concepts of self and reality in a fun, light-hearted, easy-to-understand way while at the same time trying to keep alive his dream of becoming a stand up comedian.

Contact Nick now to find out how easy it can be to become a more confident and empowered YOU.


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