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Platelet Activation and where it comes from

November 29, 2019




Bill Dubiel, CEO of LightInterga Technologies maker of the ThromboLUX system, a simple 5-minute test that tells you the platelet activation status of a platelet bag, and lets you transfuse with confidence joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Bill Dubiel discuss the following:

  1. What is platelet activation and what it the implication to transfusions?  
  2. Tell us about the platelet transfusion studies you have conducted and what the results show?
  3. How does the ThromboLUX test answer the question of platelet activation status? 
  4. Your studies suggest that by giving resting platelets to cancer patients they have better outcomes? Why?  
  5. Where does platelet activation come from and can it be prevented?
  6. Do you have any early users of the product and what could patients or medical professionals do to find out more about the technology?

Bill Dubiel is the President and CEO of LightIntegra Technologies, bringing more the 30 years of Healthcare experience with his last 10 years specifically helping medical device start-ups through the commercial buildout and product launch.

Previously, Bill was Chief Commercial Officer at PGDx and CyVek responsible for building a commercial organization to launch novel products into the global market. Bill also held executive sales, marketing, and service leadership positions at Ventana, Roche, Bayer and Chiron Diagnostics. Bill holds a BS from Rutgers University and an MBA from Phoenix University.

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