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Plant Based Milk Is Delicious and Good For Your Body and The Planet!

January 14, 2021




Lonnie Williard, the VP of Marketing & Creative Services at PANOS Brands, Parent Company of The Better Than Milk, plant based milk alternative line of beverages joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Supplement Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Lonnie Williard discuss the following:

  1. What exactly is The Better Than Milk Brand?
  2. What makes this alt milk different than other alt milk products on the market?
  3. What are the ingredients and why the spring water from Lessini Mountains in Italy?
  4. You say it is good for your body and good for the environment- how so?
  5. What are the primary uses – coffee, cooking, baking, with food and cereal or just drinking?
  6. Why do think this product is relevant in today’s times?

Summary: Better Than Milk is the delicious plant based milk alternative that is good for your body and good for the planet. In today’s uncertain times, people are paying extra attention to what they put in their bodies and what products they choose to help lower their carbon footprint for the planet. We at Better Than Milk are product of our clean and delicious line up of milk alternatives.

Lonnie Williard is an energetic and action-oriented consumer packaged goods marketer, 25 yrs experience in Marketing / Brand Management - within large traditional process driven organizations (Kraft, Nabisco) and fast-paced nimble, entrepreneurial companies (PANOS brands, Mediterranean Snacks, Tribeca Oven Artisan Breads).

She has managed food/snacks/perishables businesses domestically and internationally. Branding strategy savvy, eg launching new Tribeca Oven website and logo redesign, designing Med Snacks BeanStalks chips. Passionate about disruptive innovation and BFY new product launches such as Better Than Milk organic alt-milk drinks, Amore Italian ready-to-eat vegetables, and Tapaz2go gluten free mini meal of lentil crackers + hummus (natural/specialty channel); Estrella GoNuts Trail Mix and Nut Temptations (Northern Europe), Chips Ahoy Big & Soft cookies (USA); C-store package platforms, eg Mini Oreo Go-Paks.

Extensive marketing, management, business development experience, both branded and private label. Devoted to breaking down silos and solving problems collaboratively with Sales to drive revenue, eg preparing attribute-rich portfolio sell-in stories across 35 categories at PANOS; creating non-traditional Channels Marketing team, spanning multiple snacks categories to leverage synergies, focused on shopper marketing insights in C-store and Club at Kraft Foods.

Sales account management includes direct accountability for OTC and Nutritionals at Abbott Labs, plus oversight at Tribeca Oven in food service, hospitality, specialty gourmet distributors, and bakery retail.





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