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Phoenix-based organization works to get individuals facing long-term illnesses and medical conditions off the streets and into long-term housing

October 16, 2020




Liz Agboola, president and CEO of Senior Placement Services, an assistance program in Phoenix that provides housing resources for vulnerable veterans, elderly and homeless who are unable to live independently due to long-term illnesses and medical conditions joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Senior Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Liz Agboola discuss the following:

  1. Tell us a bit about Senior Placement Services and what the process is like when you are working to help someone.
  2. Does Senior Placement Services charge for the assessment and guidance given?
  3. What motivated you to go into this line of work?
  4. I understand you are also the CEO of Moses Behavioral Care, a group of community-based mental health facilities offering 24-hour, long-term care for the SMI (serious mental illness) population…what drove you to build your own facilities?
  5. Additionally, you are a board member at Dignity Health and Valleywise Health Foundation. What projects are you working on there?




Liz Agboola is CEO of Moses Behavioral Care (MBC), a group of community-based mental health facilities offering 24-hour, long-term care for the SMI (serious mental illness) population. These efforts are motivated by her promise to uphold mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including preventive services to the community while offering integrated care and treatment for those who require assistance with daily living.

Prior to establishing MBC, she founded Senior Placement Services with her parents and siblings. It was here she began her work in public service. For nearly 10 years she spearheaded community efforts ensuring suitable housing was available for the disenfranchised, homeless veterans and the elderly. She strengthened the company's business and corporate citizenship with key partnerships (local shelters, mental health clinics, Veteran’s Administration homeless centers) and various civic and community-based organizations.

Her career ultimately began two decades ago in the private sector in learning and development. She served in various senior leadership roles with Bank of America and Director of Learning and Development with Gannett.

Liz brings a strong business and health care background paired with a servant’s heart to lead the community in advocacy and ultimately through legislation. She holds a Master’s in Education and Masters of Business Administration.

Liz currently sits on the Board of Dignity Health and the Maricopa Health Foundation (now called Valleywise).





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