ehealth radio network, the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique for Overactive Bladder

July 14, 2013

Justin Mandel, Board Certified in Oriental Medicine and NY state licensed acupuncturist from joins eHealth Radio. Mandel is the inventor of the patent-pending Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique for Overactive Bladder. 


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Justin Mandel discuss the following:

  • What experience and professional qualifications do you possess?
  • How did you get started treating people who suffer from Overactive Bladder?
  • What is your unique breakthrough holistic discovery that led you to invent your powerful patent-pending procedure?
  • What makes your holistic approach to treating Overactive Bladder so unique?
  • Are the effects of RE-EXPANDING ones bladder with the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique permanent?

TIP: If you are suffering from an Overactive Bladder your daily dietary intake could actually be a contributing factor to the frequency of your bathroom use. To find out more about how your diet can dramatically increase the frequency of your bathroom visits you can download Justin’s FREE “Top 10 Overactive Bladder Food Triggers” virtual book by going to

Duration: 11:11

Justin Mandel, Dipl.O.M. L.Ac has been involved with alternative medicine since 1997 during his first internship at an acupuncture clinic in his college town. He is a 2002 graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan and is Board Certified in Oriental Medicine.

He’s is a thought leader in the alternative medicine field and is the inventor of the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique, the very first holistic patent-pending procedure for Overactive Bladder. His revolutionary break through procedure has helped chronic long-term Overactive Bladder suffers of as many as 25 years to dramatically minimize or completely eliminate frequent bathroom visits during both the day and at night.

His unique non-invasive approach to Overactive Bladder is the very first one to ever to take advantage of directly stimulating what SURROUNDS the bladder, instead of focusing on treating the bladder itself. This allows ones bladder to naturally and painlessly RE-EXPAND to completely refill with urine just as it did before ones urinary symptoms first set in.

Based on his objective pre and post procedure abdominopelvic findings and his patients raving highly responsive results, Justin firmly believes that the human body also has the miraculous ability to naturally heal itself from its over controlling Overactive Bladder symptoms.

His fascinating “New Alternative Truth of Overactive Bladder” online webinar can be found at for those sufferers looking for a all-natural approach to Overactive Bladder, for when prescription medication has partially or completely failed, or as a last resort before bladder surgery has been scheduled.

Justin’s goal is to help 30,000 people the first year the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique is made available to the public.


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