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PEAK 10 SKIN Providing The Best Skin Care Products Possible

September 26, 2016

Connie Elder, an accomplished women’s wear designer, skincare executive, QVC on-air  personality and author and founder of her newest skin care brand PEAK 10 SKIN™ joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Skin Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Connie Elder discuss the following:

  • You’re a successful brand developer and also a survivor of domestic abuse, which you included in your book, MY STYLE, MY LIFE. What advice do you have for women who may find themselves in bad situations?
  • You’ve launched several previous successful lifestyle products, mainly for women, from shapewear to bras and skin care. Why did you decide to focus solely on a skin care line?
  • What differentiates Peak 10 Skin from the many other skin care lines?
  • When you enter such a competitive market, how do you strategize from a marketing perspective in order to compete?
  • There are a lot of buzzwords in skin care. What are some things consumers can know and look for?
  • Fall is right around the corner. How does a good skin care regimen change from season to season, and is sun damage less of a concern in Fall and Winter?

Duration: 12:55

Connie Elder is an accomplished women’s wear designer, skincare executive, QVC on-air  personality and author.  Connie has a special gift for helping women love the skin they are in.  A career that has spanned the medical, skincare and fashion industries has allowed her to develop a vision for brands that enhance a woman’s lifestyle.

Connie has learned that most women want products that enrich their natural beauty and provide the very best quality at an affordable price.  This knowledge, her past experience and living in Breckenridge, CO, have nurtured her newest skin care brand PEAK 10 SKIN™.  The philosophy and quality behind the brand allows women of all ages to experience healthy, beautiful skin for the peak of life..

The success of LIPO IN A BOX shapewear was followed by two additional brands - UNDEROLOGY Skincare and GO2BRAS.  All three brands developed by Connie have been sold on QVC, Amazon and through other retail outlets, since their introduction.  In late 2012 these brands were sold, and now Connie’s one focus is the PEAK 10 SKIN™ brand.

Connie’s passion for helping women was honed through her relationship with QVC customers as an on-air spokesperson since 2002.  What Connie heard from women is a desire for skin care products that will effectively impact daily issues of aging skin, dryness, rosacea, Sjogren’s syndrome, etc.  She learned that most women want to feel confident in their own skin--healthy and vibrant skin.  Most women understand that ‘aging is a gift and a blessing’ that not everyone gets to enjoy.

Connie is a strong contributor to the voice of women.   She is a frequent speaker and authored MY STYLE, MY LIFE, in 2011.  She is a passionate advocate for women’s safety and education.  She is a survivor of domestic abuse and is an advocate for self-sufficiency for all victims of abuse.  She encourages all women to remain hopeful, safe and to enjoy their LIFE!


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