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Overcoming addictive eating by changing your relationship with yourself and food

December 16, 2019




Sandra Elia a Certified Food Addiction Counselor and a pioneer in the field of overcoming addictive eating joins eHealth Radio and the Addictive Prevention & Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Sandra Elia discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about your own journey recovering from food addiction.
  2. What is food addiction?
  3. How have you influenced the medical community in the treatment of obesity management?
  4. What is appetite correction?
  5. How can we manage food cravings?
  6. Tell us about your Food Addiction Recovery Program?
  7. How are you able to achieve lifelong results through Food Addiction recovery treatment?

Sandra Elia is a Certified Food Addiction Counselor. She runs Ontario's outpatient Food Addiction Recovery Program and co-created Canada's first residential treatment program.

Sandra is a Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Certified Professional Coach and the Vice-Chair for Obesity Canada (Toronto Chapter).

Sandra is dedicated to changing the conversation for obesity so that anyone living with obesity has access to treatment that is steeped with dignity, respect, and understanding. Sandra knows firsthand the challenges associated with living with obesity. She has lived two lives: one as a morbidly obese woman for 15 years. She experienced a world that was not made for her size, seeking assistance from biased healthcare providers, and dealing with fat-shaming. Since those difficult days, Sandra has transformed her life, losing over 100 pounds and keeping the weight off for 14 years. Obesity is not simply about body weight or body image. It's about human vulnerability. Behind every obesity statistic, is a real person living with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.





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