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No Second Chances: The gripping new drama that also teaches us medicine

November 13, 2019




J.T. Madicus, a Multi-Entrepreneur, Novelist, Medical Educator, World Visionary and debut filmmaker to "No Second Chances" — the gripping new drama that also teaches us medicine joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest J.T. Madicus discuss the following:

  1. You are a Multi-Entrepreneur, Medical Educator/Activist, World Visionary and now Novelist and Producer, why have you taken on the healthcare industry and why do you feel it’s broken?
  2. Tell us about your new novel coming out (1st of 5 in Final Diagnosis series) called No Second Chances and why have you chosen to highlight real life healthcare scenarios in the novel?
  3. It’s been said cancer is cured. You have your own theory on this. Talk to us from a medical insider’s perspective.
  4. Talk to us about your first stab as a filmmaker as you translated your 1st novel into a film in “No Second Chances” on the big screen. What do you feel the audience will take away from your novels and now movie regarding their own health and well-being?
  5. How does the audience learn more about your projects and health related ventures?

J. T. Madicus is an American author, entrepreneur, and medical educator, known worldwide for his “Future Doc House” YouTube channel where he demystifies complicated medical subjects such as microbiology in entertaining videos viewed by thousands of medical students every month. He is the author of Final Diagnosis – No Second Chances, the novel that serves as the inspiration for this TV series.





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