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Mother’s weight loss journey inspired young Aussie physio to tackle joint pain

February 4, 2016

Phebe Corey, an Australian Physiotherapist and Founder of the company Articfit whose feature product is known as ‘articfit pro-active tights’, joins eHealth Radio and the Health News, Fitness & Physical Therapy Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Phebe Corey discuss the following:

  • You mention your Mother’s weight loss inspired your product? Please tell us more…
  • So how does your product differ from traditional compression tights?
  • What is your mission behind your brand ‘articfit’?
  • Tell us about your blog, ‘Body Awareness’ and how it can help women…
  • What is next for articfit?

Tip: Don’t wait until you are injured to see a physiotherapist. Physio’s are skilled in assessing muscles weaknesses and biomechanical imbalances that can predict your risk of developing certain overuse injuries. Have an assessment today to identify and address these to be pro-active with your health. Remember pre-hab is the new re-hab!

Duration: 7:36

Phebe Corey is an Australian Physiotherapist experienced in private practice musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy including working with the Australian Cross Country Ski Team. She is the founder of the company Articfit and was featured as a semi-finalist in the Australian Women’s Weekly Qantas Women of the Future competition in 2015 for her company and vision of empowering women to be active.


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