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Mexico’s Hotel Esencia Spa Offers Health Benefits

February 22, 2012


Mexico's Hotel Esencia Spa Offers Health Benefits

with Brenda Espinosa

Brenda Espinosa of Mexico's Hotel Esencia Spa joines the show to talk about its offering of health benefits.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Brenda Espinosa discuss the following:

Eric: What makes Hotel Esencia so unique?
Brenda: Esencia is the only hotel seated in the Xpu Ha Bay with one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, being the single SLH with less than 30 rooms in Riviera Maya making us the most secluded and private place to spend a most relaxing and exclusive stay.

Eric: What does the Spa offer that benefits your health, with that being at the forefront of traveler’s minds these days?
Brenda: Esencia’s main proposal for the person looking to be healed with our detox program is to be reeducated on regular habits and how to use the wisdom of our ancestors and the inherited medicine they taught us using plants, herbs, fruits and other natural elements. We are open to share this wisdom like grandmothers did at some point to us and that we will eventually do with our descendants. We propose this 3, 5 or 7 day program for people wanting to change their lives, be willing to commit and learn a healthier lifestyle and mostly to become aware during these few days of how nature can provide healthiness with immediate results on physiological functions.

Eric: What is it about the Esencia setting that provides an ambiance for healing and rejuvenating?
Brenda: Warmth provides an immediate felling of well-being, since we are seated on the white sand of the Caribbean Sea, This is a benefit which quickly helps in the process of decompressing this along with our very calm and indulgent location. For the rejuvenation process the less exposure to stress is directly proportional to the effectiveness of our treatments. Natural medicinal herbs effects are better on repetitive takes and focus on the healing process.

Eric: What are some of the indigenous treatments that are offered?
Brenda: Our most representative treatment is “Limones” lime is and has been considered as a natural element for purification, our ancestors use it to run your body looking for bad energy and encrypting it, we use a mixture of movements that presses acupunctural spots on your body and helps to drain your lymphatic system naturally. We call this magical realism because it has the magical use with the lime encrypting the bad energy floating on your body and realistic acupunctural points are pressed purifying your body.

Eric: Can you tell us about the Temazcalera special healer Hotel Esencia offers its guests?
Brenda: Esencia’s Temazcalera was born in Mexico City from a very traditional family, her grandmothers taught her this ancient purification art, she talks about her story very light and thinks her great grandparents will laugh if they knew she does this as a job, her traditional family used to do this typically and would never think it will help others. Now we know that it clears the mind , purifies the spirit and body thru the sweat pulling out all toxic substances we introduce  accidentally thru food, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Tip: Make sure to book a minimum of five nights to reap the full benefits of the Aroma Spa program, the first organic spa in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.


Brenda Espinosa was born June 18th 1982, she comes from a very traditional family her parents both from Mexico City Georgina y Ricardo sent her to a bicultural private school in Mexico City where she learned both English and Spanish at the same time, even when she learned about American culture at school as part of her education her grandmothers always educated her about Mexican culture including kitchen and remedios “Indigenous medicine” for headaches, for example small pieces of lime stiked on the sides of the brain “chiquiadores” among others. She is very interested in everything her grandmothers taught her and researches on the effects of this traditional medicine. So she came up with the magical realism ideas, because her grandmothers where aware of the magical effects of the medicine but she realizes now that this works has been proven scientifically it helps to clear, purify and detoxes our body.


Note: The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show host or it's owners.

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