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Medical Support Products: Not Just Treatment, Prevention

March 4, 2019




Mr. Lev Tripolsky, Founder and CEO of ITA-MED Co., a premier designer and manufacturer of medical support products for a healthy lifestyle joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Mr. Lev Tripolsky discuss the following:

  1. Your company’s philosophy and approach is very much based on prevention, not just curing physical problems. Can you expound on that a bit?
  2. Graduated compression hosiery is a big seller for your company. Compression socks, as they are also called, have undergone a dramatic transformation over the last few years in terms of both appearance and function. Can you tell us about that, and why more people, including world-class athletes, are wearing them?
  3. Your Gabrialla brand designs and sells a full range of maternity products – not really maternity clothing (though you do sell some) but products to help a woman minimize or even eliminate the physical effects of pregnancy. What are some of the issues Gabrialla products can address?
  4. Your MAXAR brand offers a wide range of orthopedic braces and supports. Everyone is familiar with the concept of using these products after they’ve been injured, but you advocate using them preventatively. How do you convince someone who doesn’t have an injury to use a brace or support?
  5. ITA-MED has a great deal of competition in each of the individual markets you work in - maternity, orthopedics, supports, etc. What are some of the ways you differentiate yourself from your competition, from both a product and a corporate perspective?

Lev Tripolsky has served as president and CEO of ITA-MED since its inception in September 1992. Before founding ITA-MED, Mr. Tripolsky served as Regional Manager for National Group Marketing. Before that he was International Sales Manager at Westinghouse Electric Corp. Though a seasoned expert in the medical support field, Mr. Tripolsky was educated as a mechanical engineer, earning his Master of Science from the Leningrad Politechnical University in Russia in 1978.





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