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Make Love Longer: CEO of Promescent Launches First FDA-Complaint Treatment for PE

January 20, 2016

Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, the first FDA-compliant topical treatment spray for PE joins eHealth Radio and the Men's Health, Pharmaceutical & Sexual Health Channels. Promescent is one of the few sexual products on the market that is backed by more than 1,000 urologists nationwide.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jeff Abraham discuss the following:

  • Promescent is now considered the leading PE solution in the U.S, is heavily supported by the medical community, and is believed to safely and effectively improve men's sex lives. How does Promescent work and how is it able to help the population of over 30% of males who currently suffer from PE, or simply those who want to last longer in bed?
  • How does the effectiveness and convenience factor of Promescent compare to competitors and other ED sprays/creams on the market? What makes it so different and why do over 1,000 urologists in the US consider it to be first-line therapy for premature ejaculation? 
  • One of the major agreements between men and women, according to research, on what makes sex great is whether or not there was an orgasm. Could you explain the orgasm gap and dispel any myths surrounding how long should great sex actually last?
  • The product has recently been dubbed "The Next Viagra" and while the sales figures of Promescent are a far cry from Viagra, there is significant potential in the market for this product since ED is talked about more by PE affects more men. As the leader of this company, what is your vision for Promescent over the next few years and how to do your hope to achieve it? 
  • It's New Year's resolution season, and lots of couples have certain "sexpectations" for 2016. What are some of your favorite resolution ideas for better, healthier sex this year- whether it be for marriages, singles, "it's complicated" relationships, etc.? And where can these couples purchase Promescent? 

Duration: 17:26

Jeff Abraham is the CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals, responsible for the company's strategic direction and operations. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff created Absorption Pharmaceuticals in 2011 and introduced Promescent®, an FDA-approved, lidocaine-based topical premature ejaculation (PE) prevention topical spray conceived by the late Dr. Ronald Gilbert at the American Urological Association (A.U.A) conference in Washington, D.C.

Recently, Jeff has also become involved in angel investing and managing a number of innovative companies, including those specializing in diabetes care, contract manufacturing and crop yield utilization.

Prior to launching Promescent, Jeff founded Technical Resources in 1988, a semiconductor technology search firm to better suit the staffing needs of the industry. His one man company grew to nine full-time recruiters/researchers, and 200 engineers working at various fabrication plants, within 10 years.

With all his success, Jeff is passionate about giving back and is an active member of the Big Brothers organization, as well as a member and regular contributor to the local Center for Social Resources to help the underprivileged in Orange County, CA.

Jeff is a graduate of Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.


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