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Life-saving app, raising the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest

June 2, 2012


Jim Schatzle, veteran paramedic and creator of Team Life CPR app, joins eHealth Radio. He developed a life-saving app that can raise the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Jim Schatzle discuss the following:

  • What inspired you to create the Team Life CPR app?
  • Statistically speaking, how often does sudden cardiac arrest occur and to whom?
  • How and why do you feel the Team Life CPR app will change the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest?
  • Who should install this on their Smartphones?
  • How is the Team Life CPR app different than other CPR apps?
  • Where can our listeners find more information & purchase the Team Life CPR app?


TEAM LIFE Founder Jim Schatzle has been involved in the emergency medical services field for over 30 years as an EMT, firefighter and paramedic, having interned at Johns Hopkins and Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1994, Jim established TEAM LIFE, INC., a health and safety training and AED sales company in New Jersey.  Along with a highly motivated team of healthcare professionals, TEAM LIFE has trained thousands of people in CPR, AED and advanced classes.

Jim developed the TEAM LIFE CPR app for iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry out of frustration from having to tell people that it was simply “too late.” Jim’s goal is to provide a life-saving, easy-to-use guide to CPR that consumers can have with them at all times. By empowering people with knowledge and technology, survival rates can be doubled or tripled in times of emergencies. His motto is “Anyone can be a hero!”

Jim notes that we need to increase the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest far beyond the current rate of 5 percent, which to him is unacceptable. Says Jim, “I truly hope that with the development of the team life CPR app that more victims of sudden cardiac arrest survive.”

TEAM LIFE offers many courses a year training those who want to be prepared prior to an emergency.

About Team Life:

TEAM LIFE is one of the most established and trusted names in emergency health training and products.  TEAM LIFE has extensive health and safety training experience both in the United States and internationally. TEAM LIFE offers numerous training each year on how to be prepared prior to an emergency to both professional healthcare providers who have lives depending upon them every day as well as the lay public. For more information, please visit