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Laser treatments work to stop the thinning process and to regrow hair

February 17, 2012


Laser treatments work to stop the thinning process and to regrow hair

with William Blatter

William Blatter, President and the CEO of the Hair Loss Control Clinic, a pioneer in the hair loss industry for 25 years, now with over 140 locations in 30 countries around the world joins the show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest William Blatter discuss the following:

  • Explain how the process of balding actually occurs? What should women and men do to prepare and protect themselves from thinning hair and balding?
  • How do laser treatments work to stop the thinning process and to regrow hair? Are laser treatments clinically proven and FDA approved?
  • Why do doctors and clients in Australia, England, Hong Kong, Sweden and around the world come to HLCC?
  • How do your professional product systems work together with laser treatments to effectively regrow hair?
  • Talk a little about women’s hair loss and will women typically have the same level of successful hair regrowth as men?

TIP:  By the time your hair loss becomes visible to the naked eye, as much as 50% of the hair in the thinning area is already gone.  You will have a much better chance of successful hair regrowth with early treatments. So, begin NOW to address your hair loss challenges for the best possible hair regrowth results!


William Blatter cites his father as the primary role model for his personal business ethic. “He was a very honest, straight-forward man who taught me that you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and like what you see,” Blatter shares. This commitment to superior quality, hard work and value forms the business philosophy that has led to Blatter’s success in gaining acceptance and respect in the mainstream medical, beauty and wellness industries.

Blatter was born in New Hartford, NY. He attended Siena College, graduating with a marketing degree in 1985. He was in the student senate, President of the Society for Advancement of Management and started his technology career with an internship at Radio Shack Computer Center. He gained valuable experience in sales with his first job at Vision Data, selling Subscription, Circulation and Accounting software to daily newspapers. He went on to work as a regional manager in construction software sales for Contel Business Systems, Shaker Computer and Sound Ideas. In 1992 he opened his own company, Intelligent Solutions, helping companies with a “new thing” called the Internet and their software needs. Shortly after he found an unfilled niche in helping real estate firms automate, offering programs and computers to track real estate for comparative market analysis. This became so successful it was sold nationwide with 14 locations. Blatter then sold this company and worked with SAS, the world’s largest private software company, providing professional statistical analysis software for critical data integration,software for human resource management as well as software for analytics and enterprise mining to large corporations.

Then in the late 1990s, a friend of Blatter gave him some hair loss products to personally try from his Hair Loss Control Clinic Company -- HLCC. Blatter shares, “They really had great products and people but no concrete marketing strategy. Their business card had a picture of the world, simply saying ‘Invest in Yourself!’ The Latham, NY clinic successfully performed hair transplants, while it offered low level laser therapy and professional hair growth products. After loyally using their treatment program I was able to effectively regrow five years worth of hair loss. I became a believer!” Blatter then bought this company in 2000. He has now successfully grown the Hair Loss Control Clinic to over 140 affiliated locations in 28 countries across the world. The original Hair Loss Control Clinic near Albany is still thriving with four medical directors, a full-time registered nurse, hair loss specialists and five laser treatment systems. Blatter credits the growth of HLCC to his effective Internet marketing, combined with the dedication to using only the highest quality hair loss products and technologies.

Blatter quickly earned the reputation as a successful leader in the hair loss industry, networking and traveling internationally to speak on the topics of effective hair loss treatments and low level laser systems. With his key insights for both users and sellers of the HLCC products, he was asked to become an active member of the American Hair Loss Council, while sharing his expertise at national conventions. Blatter has been interviewed on many TV shows as well as quoted for his expertise in numerous national trade journals. He has recently been featured on Good Morning Texas and CBS TV in New Orleans, as well as featured in Aesthetic Trends & Technologies magazine, along with a special profile in the National Hair Journal. Blatter has trained countless doctors and hair loss specialists in the latest laser therapy methodologies. He always tries to set up a win-win situation for their affiliated HLCC locations, including medical spas and doctors across the globe. “We arm our professionals with the very best information, products, equipment, technologies and training. Our challenge is to initially attract our clients and business associates. Once they see the quality of our products and our commitment to their success, they are reassured of our dedication.”

Conducting business in an honest and ethical manner is paramount to Blatter, who relays that many hair loss clients have been treated by unreliable methods or untrustworthy providers with disastrous results. He notes, “We want to always be realistic by telling people the truth about their hair loss so that we may honestly help manage their expectations for hair regrowth. We want to under promise and over deliver, while treating our clients in a very respectful and caring manner.” Being dedicated to the personal and business principles of integrity, social conscience and old fashioned hard work is what Blatter credits much of his personal accomplishment to, as well as the success of the Hair Loss Control Clinic and their affiliated partners.

Blatter’s commitment to helping others is reaffirmed in his charitable work, which began with his father’s involvement serving on the Board of the United Way charities. Taught that he had an obligation to help others from an early age, Blatter has always participated in local charities and national fundraisers. Blatter has consistently given back to his community, from trick or treating for UNICEF as a child to working with the JCs, local food drives, the Bethany hospitality center for the homeless and helping to run ‘Camp Good Days and Special Times,’ a camp for children with cancer. He recently founded ‘We Care, We Share,’ an organization that arranges bartering to provide services for those in need, allowing 100% of the proceeds to be returned into the charity.

Thoroughly enjoying the outdoors in his upstate New York home with son Billy, and fiancé’ Lori, Blatter regularly goes boating on the Hudson River, along with fishing, skiing, ATVing and camping. He looks forward to taking the Hair Loss Control Clinic into the future as well as to see a very positive evolution of the professional hair loss industry. “As science unwraps a better understanding of genetics and charts the systems in the body, we will have a better understanding of hair loss and how to effectively treat it. At HLCC, we always seek the most innovative doctors, researchers and business partners globally. We strive to produce the safest and most cutting-edge products that deliver the most effective results available today.”



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