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Keith Lisenbee, CEO of Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting

February 22, 2013


Keith Lisenbee, a licensed clinical social worker and is the CEO of Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting who has nineteen years of clinical and management experience in the behavioral health field joins eHealth Radio and the Mental Health Channel.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Keith Lisenbee discuss the following:

  • Which one of the principles that you describe do you think is the most important?
  • How do you assist organizations and business clients?
  • How are the principles you describe differ between individuals and organizations?
  • What makes Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting different from everyone else?
  • How does one contact Atlas to get started?


Keith Lisenbee currently provides consultation services to individuals and businesses in order to assist them in developing clear, rational, assertive, and progressive strategies to move themselves or their business into a position where they can prevail during challenging times.

 He utilizes sound business principles that applied to the behavioral health care setting provides the road map to move the organization in a forward direction. This direction is based on embracing the clear reality of their situation and making the rational moves needed to overcome enormous internal and external challenges.

Keith has over nineteen years of clinical experience and over ten years of management experience in the behavioral health services related field. He has developed, implemented, and supervised adult behavioral health service programs and services including Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Crisis Stabilization, Medical Detoxification, Emergency/Crisis, Forensics, and Counseling/Psychotherapy Services. He has also developed, implemented, and supervised children's behavioral health services including therapeutic day treatment, Emergency/Crisis, Forensics, Intensive In-Home, Case Management/Care Coordination, and Counseling/Psychotherapy Services.

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