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Keeping Healthcare Secure in an Insecure World with Rick Janezic

June 7, 2012


Richard Janezic joins the show to talk about keeping healthcare secure in an insecure world. During his 30 year career, Richard has worked with and for companies from startup stage to some of the most respected Fortune 500 enterprises in senior leadership positions in general management, sales and technology.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Richard Janezic discuss the following:

  • Data breaches appear to be in the news every week. What's the problem?
  • Are hackers behind these thefts and breaches. Why do they hack, and what are they after?
  • How would a health care organization know if they have been or are being hacked?
  • What steps and actions can companies be doing to protect themselves?
  • That sounds expensive. How much does this stuff cost?
  • What about consumers? How can consumers protect themselves?


Richard Janezic writes on his professional interests, which focuses on recognizing and responding to changing conditions in the business world in ways that help teams, project and organizations to win, succeed, and become more innovative and competitive. The mechanics that we use to organize and adapt to those new situations include subjects such as change mangement, innovation, strategy, business, technology and finance. Our desired results and ultimate goals from using these mechanics are things like winning new clients, competing more effectively, successfully launching succesful new products (and the two are different), turnarounds (as well as how to avoid having to do them), transformations, renewal and improving business competitiveness again, at the team, project and organizational level.

Richard has found that his professional, personal and educational experiences and interests gives him a unique perspective on these matters, as his work has included a broad range of clients, industries, businesses, people and situations.

His industry experience is broad. It includes health and life sciences (big pharma, healthcare, discovery research, public health), manufacturing (discrete and process), technology (hardware, software, services, telecom, IT, security), financial services (banking, insurance, brokerage), energy, business services and public sector.

He has worked for and with organizations ranging from startup and early stage (including my own), up to and including Fortune®500 global firms. Each stage has distinct sets of both advantages and disadvantages, and successfully graduating from one stage to the next contains both peril and opportunity.

He began his career as an engineer doing what he thought that he truly wanted to do forever: solving problems and creating new solutions that were better and faster solutions. He soon realized that he needed to broaden and add to his perspectives, as what he designed and created would also need to be justified, financed, marketed, distributed, integrated, supported and improved, and that all of those actions would be realized by the actions of and with other people. He extended his studies into business, finance, marketing, software and leadership, and those studies continue to this day.

What he finds interesting is that he's still doing what he likes best: solving problems and creating new solutions that are not better and faster, but they are also more economical in time, cost and risk. What has also changed over the years is his deeper awareness of the complexities and intracacies of how people think and act, and how they respond to changing circumstances.

Each new day, each new client, each new problem, each new person, and each new situation brings the opportunity and challenge to learn from, draw from, and find new and better ways in which to help clients successfully recognize and respond to changing circumstances to help them improve their competitiveness. He hopes that the ideas that he shares would bring value and insight to your endeavors as well. If and as he can help you in your growth, change, improvement and leadership challenges, he welcomes hearing from you.