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Interview with skin expert and Mompreneur Katherine Goldman, owner of Stript Wax Bar

June 17, 2016

Celebrity "Waxologist" Katherine Goldman, the owner of Stript Wax Bar, a chain of professional waxing salons in California joins eHealth Radio and the Beauty & Skin Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Katherine Goldman discuss the following:

  • Tell us first, What is Stript Wax Bar?
  • I see media refers to you as a successful "Mompreneur" - that is an Entrepreneur and a Mom! How do you juggle having 10 Stript Wax Bar locations, running the business and being a mother to 2 kids, any advice for other "mompreneurs" listening?
  • Well you certainly have done a good job managing it all. Seeing as you are a skin care expert, what tips can you share with our listeners to keep their skin healthy as we transition into Summer months, are there routines we should do or foods we should eat to keep looking youthful? 
  • Let's talk about myths of waxing, do you get a lot of men? Isn't waxing painful or is that just a myth?
  • Here at eHealth Radio, we love health tips, can you give our listeners your top 2-3 health tips?

Duration: 8:26

“Mompreneur,” Celebrity Waxologist & Esthetician Katherine Goldman founded Stript Wax Bar in 2009, fulfilling her vision of a boutique dedicated to the art of waxing.  Their mission is to provide women and men with a clean, comfortable environment where they can provide customers with the best, most professional hair removal services in the industry.  Now a chain of ten boutique waxing bars across California, Stript Wax Bar locations are all about the newest and close to painless waxing techniques in the industry. Alongside their superior waxing services, Stript also offers other services that include a line of clinical facials, customized treatments that compliment the overall waxing experience, and the art of spray tanning (the regular Dancing With The Stars crew can be spotted tanning there year round).

If you are looking for a permanent hair reduction solution and are not convinced that the cost or long term results of Laser is right for you, then let’s talk about Stript Wax Bar’s exclusive line of Depilar permanent hair reduction gel.  Applied and activated in conjunction with a waxing service, Depilar is your personal path to permanently smooth skin.  Visit a Stript Wax Bar near you and follow @StriptWaxBar on social media. READY.  SET.  SMOOTH!


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