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Improve food safety awareness through inspection and customized quality training programs with Jeff Nelken

January 18, 2014

Jeff Nelken, a food safety expert who improves food safety awareness through inspection and customized quality training programs joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.

strong>Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jeff Nelken discuss the following:

  • What exactly does a food safety coach/inspector do?
  • There have been some outbreaks of what is called a norovirus. What is it and are the symptoms?
  • How long does the virus last?
  • How is this virus spread?
  • What should one do if they have the symptoms? 
  • How can we prevent norovirus infections?
  • How does a restaurant combat the virus?

Duration: 10:50

Jeff Nelken is a food safety/HACCP expert who has worked with CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, INSIDE EDITION, and Dateline MSNBC’s investigation team, as well as restaurants, casinos, schools, supermarkets and food manufacturers. He coaches personnel to improve food safety awareness through inspection and customized quality HACCP training programs. He is a certified trainer and provider with the Los Angeles Health Department Provider #15.

He delivers the facts about the dangers and sometimes frightening realties of the food industry. He provides advice on hot issues like:

  • Is the Food You Buy Really Safe?
  • Holiday Foods that Can Make Your Guests Sick
  • Dirty Kitchen Dangers and Other Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know
  • What Else Are You Being Served at that All You Can Eat Buffet?
  • What Foods Safety Experts Avoid That Might Surprise You

Jeff is also an expert witness for policy makers, organizational leaders and legal experts seeking guidance and testimony from a food safety expert.

He is part of a national food crisis preparedness and management team at Tellem Grody Public Relations in Los Angeles called the Food Issues Group which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.


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