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How to have THE TALK with Your Aging Parents

August 1, 2018




Lynda Shrager, an occupational therapist, an expert in the field of geriatric rehabilitation, as well as author of Age In Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Senior Care Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Lynda Shrager discuss the following:

  1. What are some of the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to help aging parents stay in their home?
  2. What’s the best strategy for getting Mom and Dad on board with organizing and decluttering?
  3. What are a few modifications that can make a big difference to the safety of seniors in their homes?
  4. What are some red flags that signal a parent’s cognitive abilities are declining, and what should be done?
  5. When is the best time to approach parents about making a plan in case the time comes that they aren’t able to function independently?
  6. An essential aspect  of successful aging in place is having a caregiving team at the ready. How do you build this team?


Lynda Shrager, OTR, MSW, CAPS is the author of Age In Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home (Bull Publishing, March 8, 2018). Her newspaper column, Mom’s RX, appeared in countless newspapers across the country, and she is a featured columnist for Everyday Health, one of the country’s leading online consumer health websites. Lynda has practiced in the medical field of geriatric rehabilitation for more than 37 years, focusing on all aspects of senior health and wellness. She combines her expertise as an occupational therapist, a Master’s level social worker, professional organizer and certified aging in place specialist to pursue her passion of providing therapeutic care in the patient’s home environment and in educating their caregivers. Learn more at





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