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How Essential Mints Help Solve Consumers’ 3 Greatest Concerns

September 7, 2016

Donald M. Choi, President and Founder of VitaThinQ, Inc., a company committed to fostering good health through innovative products joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Supplement Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Donald M. Choi discuss the following:

  • Essential Mints launched in June of this year.  Can you tell me about this product line?
  • What are the benefits of a chewable supplement vs. pill supplement?
  • What are the active ingredients in your Energizing and Fat Burner Peppermints?
  • How many Essential Mints products are currently available?
  • Are there plans to create additional flavors or functions of Essential Mints?
  • Where can our listeners purchase Essential Mints?

Duration: 8:29

The idea to build VitaThinQ originated when Choi's mother needed an easier delivery system for her supplements without the discomfort of swallowing pills while she was fighting colon cancer; he recognized an immense opportunity: a more enjoyable method for consumption of healthful supplements for all. VitaThinQ’s first venture is Essential Mints, a line of mints that deliver high-quality nutrition in the form of all-natural, delicious mints; flavors like Energizing Peppermint and Fat Burner Peppermint have launched this Summer 2016 online with in-store distribution coming soon.


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