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Holographic Acupressure Discs giving you natural pain relief by Winning Factor

November 8, 2014

John Schaeffer, a renowned fitness trainer and an accomplished athlete, that has recently launched a new, non-invasive and natural pain relief disc calledHolographic Acupressure Discs that is produced by Winning Factor joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Pain Management Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest John Schaeffer discuss the following:

  • What are the Holographic Acupressure Discs?
  • How do they Work?
  • How did this idea come about?
  • What has been the actual feed back from the clients and athletes that have been using the product?
  • Who are ideal candidates to use the Disc?

Duration: 10:36

John Schaeffer is a renowned sports and fitness trainer, author and nutritionist.  He began his career as a teen, and during the past forty years, he has become an accomplished professional athlete, including a five-time World Champion in Powerlifting and a Masters Super Heavyweight World Champion in Professional Kickboxing. He specializes in sports conditioning, nutrition and weight management. In addition, he trains world class and Olympic athletes, such as Apolo Ohno and Louie Vito.

He has also authored several books, articles, fitness informational materials, and sports and fitness-related software programs.  In addition to multiple certifications in the sports sciences, he has a background in quantum physics. Combining these two fields of interest has resulted in the development of the Holographic Acupressure Discs™, formulated by Winning Factor. This form of acupressure using holographic technology addresses pain naturally. Used successfully by his athletes, Schaeffer is now making the discs available to the general public for alleviation of targeted pain.

John Schaeffer recently launched the Holographic Acupressure Discs™ formulated by Winning Factor. These discs are the culmination of a decade of scientific testing and proven use by world class athletes nationally and internationally. Originally created to help athletes reduce pain and recover more quickly to train better, these discs are now available to the general public. They are an ideal option for consumers seeking non-pharmaceutical methods to treat their pain naturally.


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