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Holland Bloorview: A Global Player in Kids Rehabilitation

November 16, 2018




Dr. Tomas Paus, Director of Population Neuroscience and Developmental Neuroimaging Program at Holland Blooview Hospital joins eHealth Radio and the Children's Health & Health News Channels to discuss life-changing research findings that will impact the lives of kids, youth, and families across the globe.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Tomas Paus discuss the following:

  1. Holland Bloorview is known to be a global player in kids rehabilitation. Tell us more about that and how the hospital is leading the way in “big data” as part of health care.
  2. Talk to us about your upcoming research and the latest study you are conducting.
  3. When you say for the first time this type of research is being conducted, why do you feel this research is critical to the advancement of healthy brain development in individuals with or without a disability?
  4. You coined the term “population neuroscience”. Tell us what that means exactly.
  5. How long do you believe the study will take and what do you hope to achieve from the research findings.
  6. How will your research remove boundaries faced by individuals growing up with disabilities?
  7. How will Holland Bloorview leverage the research innovations to develop market-ready products to support kids with disabilities?
  8. What do you feel are the global implications of this study. How will this benefit US children as well?

Dr. Tomas Paus, Director of Population Neuroscience and Developmental Neuroimaging Program, Holland Blooview Hospital is a distinguished senior scientist, and director of Population Neuroscience & Developmental Neuroimaging for Holland Bloorview’s research institute (the Bloorview Research Institute). This critical new role supports Holland Bloorview as the future home of Ontario’s first, fully-accessible child-friendly research MRI and further establishes itself as a premier international center for the study of child and youth brains.

Over the past 15 years, Paus’ work has focused on brain maturation, particularly in adolescence. His interest in population neuroscience – the “big data” approach to studying how brain structure and function is shaped by the interaction of genes and our environment – is vital to the Bloorview Research Institute’s growth strategy, which includes state-of-the-art discovery hubs in machine learning and artificial intelligence, imaging, and neuromodulation.

The Bloorview Research Institute is the research arm of Holland Bloorview, an academic health science center fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.





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