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May 6, 2013


Stacy Lyon, founder of the feminine cleansing products company healthy hoohoo joins eHealth Radio.  Stacy is an advocate for women's health and gentle care for down there!


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Stacy Lyon discuss the following:

  • Why should women be concerned with practices and products they use in their feminine hygiene routine?
  • What are some of the harsh chemicals women should avoid?
  • What are the signs that a women's ecosystem is out of balance?
  • What are women doing to undermine their feminine health?
  • What are some simple tips for optimal vulvovaginal health?


Stacy Lyon’s path to healthy hoohoo has been a lifelong journey. With her passion for health, wellness and commitment to quality products, it was only natural that she had a light-bulb moment – the kind you hear about, but highly doubt truly happen in real life. The light smacked her along the side of the head after three coincidental conversations in one week in September of 2009. She launched healthy hoohoo in November of 2011, and what a year it has been!

Lyon has always been a cheerleader, and she is blessed with seeing the glass half full. She has a bevy of recipes for the times in life when she’s served lemons. She is passionate, high energy and has a knack for seeing what’s missing in the marketplace. She is a fixer, and she’s particularly passionate about helping fix female health issues, drawing upon what she calls is her previous life as a medicine-woman.

Before she committed her heart, soul and Schwab account into women’s feminine cleansing at healthy hoohoo, she was a ski resort marketer. After eight years in Big Sky, Montana, Lyon moved to Crystal Mountain in Washington and oversaw all marketing efforts for Crystal, Brighton, Utah, and Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. She was born and raised in a small farming community just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a great place to spend her childhood, but when she was 18, she heard the Rocky Mountains calling her name and eventually moved west.


Lyon truly believes that healthy hoohoo is a platform for her to serve as a health and wellness advocate and to educate women about a natural approach for taking caring of their most intimate parts. Her goal is to help women feel healthy, confident and beautiful, and with that, she wants to make it more socially acceptable, and easier, for a woman to talk about her vagina.

Lyon understands that the long-term success of healthy hoohoo is not just about making a profit, but about building trust and loyalty with each customer. As she grows the business, she is looking forward to giving back a portion of the proceeds to both women’s breast cancer organizations and animal rights groups. Her enthusiasm and ingenuity is not only infectious, it is the key to her success.

When Lyon isn’t solving the world’s problems, she can be found hiking, biking, skiing or traveling the world. Her favorite way to spend a mellow Sunday is watching CBC Sunday Morning while making pancakes (loaded with flax and hempseed of course) and sipping some fine tea.



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