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Healthcare Providers Have a Vital Role to Play in Educating Patients About Illegal Online Pharmacies

December 8, 2016


Libby Baney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet safe for consumers worldwide again joins eHealth Radio and the Pharmaceutical & Health News Channels.

ASOP Global recently launched a campaign to educate pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare providers about illegal online pharmacies, counterfeit medicines and the tools they need to help keep their patients safe online.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Libby Baney discuss the following:

  • What is the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies?
  • Why is the focus of your new campaign healthcare providers?
  • How prevalent are illegal online pharmacies?
  • What are the risks associated with buying prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies?
  • Can you tell our listeners what to look out for to avoid these dangers?

Summary: What can consumers do to stay safe when shopping for medicines online? Consumers should visit to verify whether a website is safe BEFORE they order any prescription medicines online. We also encourage consumers to look for websites that end in dot-pharmacy, like and, because only entities that are approved by NABP legally qualify to have a dot-pharmacy website. 

Libby Baney is the executive director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global), an international non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. which she founded in 2009. In this capacity, Libby leads ASOP operations, shapes public policy, and advocates for increased international attention to the issue of illegal online drug sellers.

A lawyer by training and health advocate by nature, Libby is a prolific speaker and writer, regularly engaging with diverse audiences on issues at the intersection of Internet technology and healthcare. She leads strategic workshops and speaks on these issues worldwide; writes policy documents; and interacts with international corporate leaders and policymakers.

Libby’s work spans multiple continents, which has been covered by local, national and international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, Roll Call, The Hill, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Washington Times, The Indianapolis Star, Inside Health Policy, Pharmacy Today, ABC News, CNN, and C-SPAN.

In addition to her work for ASOP, Libby is a partner at FaegreBD Consulting and Counsel with Faegre Baker Daniels LLP where she works on Internet policy, intellectual property rights, pharmacy, telemedicine/telehealth, and pharmaceutical supply chain matters.



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