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Happy, Healthy Relationships in Three Easy Steps

March 23, 2015

Jodi Ambrose, author of two relationship books; for men "Sex: How to Get More of It" and its companion for women: "Intimacy: How to Get More of It" joins eHealth Radio and the Relationship Advice Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jodi Ambrose discuss the following:

  • What prompted you to write your relationship books?
  • Are male/female relationship expectations really that different?
  • You talk about three elements to a successful relationship being Flatter, Folic, and Feed.  Can you explain how to incorporate these into a relationship?
  • What has been the single greatest achievement you have received out of writing these guide books?
  • What future projects are you working on?
  • Tell us one way that relationships can keep things fresh and new and not become boring?

Duration: 11:52

Jodi Ambrose is the author of three books and an award-winning blog. Jodi says: “If it's a blissful love life and darn good food that you want, you are in the right place!” Jodi’s cookbook: Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks hit #1 on Kindles Top 100 Cookbooks!

Jodi also entertains the sexes in her first two books Sex: How to Get More of It and Intimacy: How to Get More of It. Each book details 20 things one can do to achieve relationship bliss. With over twenty years of on-camera experience, Jodi has appeared on Chicago’s WGN-TV Midday Fix cooking segment to demonstrate a delicious and easy-to-fix sandwich that both gourmet chefs and everyday cooks will love. She also enjoyed a fun and exciting adventure on Fox 10 News as well as Playboy SiriusXM Radio.

Jodi also writes for men out there to better explain the female brain in her monthly column in The Acquiring Man magazine for the inside scoop on the women in your life.     Jodi has won over 20 blog awards, including Blog of the year, for her sassy, fun and eclectic vibe.

Check out her blog and be sure to follow her on Twitter @JodiAmbrose.


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