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Halo Sani-Cuffs, hypoallergenic hand sanitizer wristbands for kids

June 23, 2013

Gregory Francois, Founder, President & CEO of Armorteria, LLC the creator of Halo Sani-Cuffs, the first line of comfortable, stylish and hypoallergenic hand sanitizer wristbands for kids and Edson DaCosta, the companies Co-Founder & COO joins eHealth Radio and the Health News Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Gregory Francois & Edson DaCosta discuss the following:

  • Why should parents be so concerned with germs?
  • What are Halo Sani-Cuffs and what was your inspiration behind creating them?
  • What makes these sanitizer bracelets different from other portable hand sanitizers on the market?
  • As a parent, what can you do to help teach your kids how to prevent spreading germs?
  • In your personal opinion, what do you think parents look for in their children’s products that could serve a purpose in terms of health and wellness, in addition to a being product that can peak a child’s interest?
  • Do you have any tips or suggestions for parents trying to teach their kids good hygiene?

ARMORTERIA LLC is a Queens, New York based company that was started by a group of high school teachers. We provide comfortable and stylish hand sanitizer wristbands, called Halo Sani-Cuffs for both children and young adults ages 5 and up. Since our company’s birth in 2008, our main objective is to provide both parents and their children, a revolutionary new way to kill the germs and bacteria found in our everyday lives. For more information on Armorteria LLC please call 1-877-894-3550 or visit, or tweet us at @halosanicuffs.

Edson DaCosta, Co-Founder & COO, Armorteria LLC

Edson is a programmer analyst for a major home health care agency in the Tri State area and has also developed software systems in the telecom and marketing industries. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from CCNY’s Queens College of New York. His enthusiasm for technology and innovation has led him to a number of technology ventures, which involved web development for small independent contracts. His sharp eye for detail has been instrumental on the design of Armorteria’s Halo Sani-Cuff.

Edson is an author of poetry and has received numerous awards for his work in organizing poetry workshops for young adults. His poems can be found in publications in various anthologies. A perfectionist to the core, Edson, has been a NASM certified personal trainer for four years and has helped people better “brand” themselves as individuals. This is also a knowledge he also applies to the branding of Armorteria. Edson resides in Kew Gardens, New York.

Armorteria LLC, derived from the words “armor” and “bacteria”, is the maker of the sleek, ergonomical and fashionable Halo Sani-Cuff. Armorteria’s Halo Sani-Cuff provides comfortable and stylish hand sanitizer wristbands for children ages five and up. The company’s main objective is to provide a more accessible way to kill the germs and bacteria found in people’s everyday lives.

Gregory Francois, Founder, President & CEO, Armorteria LLC
Gregory Francois is an educator at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, and has taught math and design since he started teaching ten years ago. He is responsible for new product development, marketing and overseeing of the day-to-day operations of Armorteria. Gregory earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Design from the City College of New York and a Masters degree in Taxation from Long Island University.

In 2002 Gregory was part of the winning team at the Baruch College entrepreneurship competition. Their company, The Banana Islands won first place, and shared prizes with other winning teams totaling $50,000.

Gregory is happily married to Co-founder, Dr. Karen Francois, a third year Anesthesiology Resident at the New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Cornell. They are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Anais and Micah, ages three and one respectively. They currently reside in Queens, New York.